Uyghur (that "gh" is a CIA ghost, fool) Solution Is Language Reality Solution

Organize > Based > On > Language (turkic people from siberia to turkey)

Not > Islam > Which Is Mostly Arab and Requires Arabic Knowledge


The fight for a turkic-speaking region (basically north asia and azerbaijan) is not hard, in fact. Just has to be unbound from religion. Thus the Chinese are justified in inculcating a form of secular-mindedness (not rabid atheism). The Catholic Church gets away with denigrating women who choose to abort and use contraception, in fact calling communism a sin, creating fake culture wars. (a mother has a baby, it dies because she couldn't afford nor handle, did she commit a sin? her pocket-book didn't let her, the Pope couldn't come and help the baby; caring for a baby is HARD)

I try not to denigrate Islam, but women must be equal, no matter what, veil or no veil, they are afterall our mothers and sisters—allahu akbar, period!

(maybe the CIA should fight France on veil bans? maybe Muslims Jews Christians should create a new religion called the holy abusive-male-domination, phallu*-phantasy-fallacy? It's a joke afterall, a dark game, very offensive, all petroleum money and gold, taboo charity)

links commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Turkic_Languages_distribution_map.png, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkic_languages