social change to-do list universal

  • prefix or suffix PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC to country name
  • ban upper house in parliament
  • ban private business (except small restaurants and food stands)
    • rename all business in generic way (soda industry become one, "people's soda company"); big chain restaurants, "people's kitchens", where meals will be free
    • group businesses under ten departments
      • clothing ~ food ~ health ~ home ~ housing ~ media ~ plastics ~ power ~ saving ~ transport
  • rename all currencies "credit" or "token"
  • legalize/regulate all drugs 
  • provide basic income/work (for the unemployed or formerly idle)
  • make retirement age fifty
  • set six-hour workday
  • create department of homicide or murder, department of theft and department of assault (instead of general police)
  • open borders for workers or work-seekers
  • make the United Nations advocate for these things and a world language (which I personally think should be Basque/Vasconic in a simplified form, rather than Indo-European and Sinitic, which come close now) 
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