scots-cockney-queen's english question!

I believe scots and cockney are just irrelevant to everything, and just imitate BBC radio reading* (all anti-soviet propaganda, I assume), still (as even early early english was unstable between "land" and "lond"), still

a > a~u  ("man" "mon", "rot" "rote")

u > a~i ("stone" "stane", "moon" "muin")

like this one and want, almost same or reversed, showing why it's impractical (so in scots "one" is "ane"). I do think this same thing happened in bavarian (south germany, austria, italy) ("schdoa" for "stone", against central german "stein", saxon "steen")

*also called mid-atlantic, supposedly used by "actors" and educated folks pre-WWII (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mid-Atlantic_accent)