clown, political lexicographer merriaM-websteR,

you are doing the world harm and evil and woe with your nonsense definition of "capital" and equating "capitalism" with free competition. capital is just abundance of money*, and capitalism is the equivalent of monopoly power, not free markets. at the least, I'll show the true meaning by quoting from much truer dictionaries (cambridgeroyal spanish academyduden, dictionary.com, webster's 1828),

money and possessions, especially a large amount of money used for producing more wealth or for starting a new business
m. Econ. Conjunto de activos y bienes** económicos destinados a producir mayor riqueza.

alle Geld- und Sachwerte, die zu einer Produktion verwendet werden, die Gewinn abwirft***
the wealth, whether in money or property, owned or employed in business by an individual, firm, corporation, etc. 
A stock in trade, in manufactures, or in any business requiring the expenditure of money with a view to profit.
now, compare your nonsense definition 

...accumulated goods especially at a specified time and in contrast to income received during a specified period [...]
(2): accumulated goods devoted to the production of other goods
(3): accumulated possessions calculated to bring in income [...]
b(1): net worth : excess of assets over liabilities
(2): STOCK sense 2a[...]
c: persons holding capital : capitalists considered as a group

history will judge you harshly, merriam-webster! 

furthermore, you disgrace Noah Webster by not advocating for spelling reform, which could save incredible amounts of paper (and help us think better), and bring words more etymological sense (like tung for tongue). 

*there is some poetic beauty that in english we say cow like the latin word for head "caput", the etymon here, meaning animal heads when counting, since they represented wealth more than money did, that is, in ancient times (now it's workers that stand in for animals, like slaves always did)
in spanish, bienes is not goods, by the way, but rather inheritance and land
***all money and "assets" production-wise turned, profit-giving

you suck!

fuck you,