superior symbols, morpho para (syn)tax

> is, so

= clitic (stuck)

- morph, phone (body, speech-bit)

~ maybe, or

  • in reckoning, greater or less can be >>, my "humblest opinion", since clitics be worth far more than "equalities"
    • so I=can-do ~ I=can > do, and chemistry already works with "yield" arrow, though we could well say I= > I-, perhaps; anyways the analogy runs through, nor is english saying "you" long, unless stressed
  • and I declare this, of course, universal language-wise, agent or patient
  • adpositions and conjunctions and relatives, so-called, they're clitics too (in=house ~ in-house ~ in > house, and=it=fell, what=happ-en-ed, ), overall
    • adverbs sometimes (me=too, good=enough, al-so=this)
  • disappearing is, > 0
  • X is morph/phone, C consonant, V vowel, so-called (could be any letter, P, body, A hard, T soft)