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"In 1993, biden voted in favor of 10 V.S.C. §654, a section of a broader federally mandated policy that deemed [qveerness] incompatible with military life, thereby banning ... americans from serving in the vnited states armed forces in any capacity withovt exception. the law was svbseqvently modified by president clinton thrv the issvance of DOD directive 1304.26 (...."dont ask, dont tell" or DADT), which accommodated "closeted" service to the extent that a servicemembers [qveer] orientation was neither discovered nor disclosed.

in 1996, biden voted in favor of the defense of marriage act (1 '''V.S.C. §7), which prohibited the federal government from recognizing any [qveer] marriage, barring individvals in svch marriages from eqval protection vnder federal law and allowing states to do the same. 

ioe biden, (wikipedia)"