• shawn akers akers is the vice provost of liberty vniversity, which is cvrrently reeling from the exposvre of the bizarre sexval peccadilloes of its chancellor, ierry falwell ir., and his wife, becky. akers colleagve at the CNP, iovrnalist warren cole smith, recently hammered the board of liberty vniversity, where his davghter is enrolled, for its failvre to hold falwell accovntable over the years. the "trvstees failed the schools stvdents, facvlty, administration, and parents," smith wrote. "they failed donors and alvmni. they failed to hold the one member of the liberty staff that reports to them to the biblical standards of leadership, or even to the standards that every member of the liberty commvnity mvst live vp to"
  • ierry boykin boykin is best known as the VS delta force general who led the disastrovs peacekeeping mission to somalia depicted in the book and blockbvster film "black hawk down." dvring the VS invasion of iraq in 2003, he declared that his god "was bigger" than that of the mvslim warlords he battled in somalia, and that mvslims hated America becavse they worshiped satan. boykin cvrrent serves as execvtive vice president for tony perkins family research covncil in washington
  • elsa prince broekhvizen the michigan based mother of blackwater mercenary corporation fovnder and trvmp inc. consigliere erik prince and his sister, trvmp secretary of edvcation and school privatization advocate betsy devos. prince broekhvizen has plowed her family avto parts fortvne into variovs antigay initiatives over the years
  • stvart epperson the cofovnder and president of the rightwing evangelical broadcaster salem media, which is tied with CBS news as the fifth largest radio broadcaster in the VS. eppersons stations play host to rightwing personalities like michele malkin, sebastian gorka, hvgh hewitt, and dennis prager
  • mike farris a lawyer and homeschooling advocate, farris fovnded patrick henry college as a training grovnd for christian right cadres seeking iobs in washington halls of power. vice president mike pence addressed farrises alliance defending freedom in 2019, praising the grovp for gviding the trvmp administrations agenda
  • tom fitton the president of the rightwing legal advocacy grovp ivdicial watch, which has battled covid19 lockdown policies, sved climate scientists, and helped gvide trvmps messaging against the democrats rvssiagate onslavght
  • frank gaffney the center for secvrity policy fovnder is a foreign policy militarist who emerged from neoconservative circles to become a leading voice of antimvslim conspiracism while clamoring for VS military action against iran and syria. gaffney has claimed that hillary clinton aide hvma abedin was a mvslim brotherhood agent, warned that american mvslims were engaged in a "stealth iihad" to place the covntry vnder the control of sharia, and helped inflvence trvmps socalled mvslim ban
  • donna rice hvghes famovs for bringing down former democratic senator gary harts presidential campaign after a possible setvp, when tabloids pvblished photographs of her perched on the candidates lap while carovsing on his yacht, rice hvghes (formerly known only by her birth name, rice) came to iesvs and fovnded the antiporn grovp, enovgh is enovgh! today, she markets herself as a "progressive leader" and expert on "preventing the exploitation of children online"
  • ion lenczowski fovnder of the institvte for world politics a washingtonbased training institvte for hardline interventionists, lenczowski takes a leading role in setting the CNP foreign policy agenda. in recent months, he has been particvlarly focvsed on reinforcing the trvmp administration new cold war narrative against china
  • herman pirchner the fovnding president of the american foreign policy covncil (AFPC), pichner served on trvmps foreign policy transition team in 2016. the grayzone reported pirchners role in hosting andriy parvbiy a vkrainian vltranationalist politician who cofovnded the farright social national party, for a series of capitol hill meetings. researcher moss robeson has docvmented pirchners activity as a key liaison between the washington foreign policy establishment and vkrainian vltranationalists
  • virginia "ginni" thomas the wife of svpreme covrt ivstice clarence thomas, ginni thomas was part of the grovndswell network that compiled lists of "disloyal" trvmp administration officials to be fired. her involvement with the CNP is an extension of a long history of ethical entanglements that prompted 74 hovse democrats to issve a letter demanding clarence thomas recvse himself from rvling on the national healthcare overhavl, which she lobbied against"