SIANTE SIANTE IUA ITALIEN! ("Schande über Italien!")

o kre:t SI:SE, uot hapt tu ie ho:m te ko:lten
o kre:t RO:M o:lten, uot hapt te uaise an smart
ta:ts an ue:s tat siift, an let te fo:k tir otmo:st
spi:ken rais, kethert from t i:st an far te ia:nte
uest e uirsoir te maint an hart reti pi
tiŋs tat fait fe lant stil left ra:ten an i:n mor,
ant i:n mor uen man snirt in his kri:ti nu klo:s
kansi os smarte fo:ks siim ne:kit an sik?
o, iu o:lten RO:M, fekiosa:l an i:n tem
tat uonluk ti:p at te uirsiift sins te farpak
ko:n taim ne te tru tat ies tem hir ar in hants
itle:n maithan uel fe fait reti te kre:t uiis.

"UENICE FLOODING REUEALS A REAL HOAX ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE — FRAMING IT AS "EITHER/OR" (FORBES) the flooding in uenice this past ueek uas extraordinary. according to my forbes colleague eric mack, “on tuesday, rains helped bring the seasonal high tides knouun as acqua alta to near record levels, just seuen centimeters shortofuuhat uuas seen during the historic floods of 1966.” the mayor blamed climate change as did many other people around the uuorld. that is uuhen the hyperuentilation started."