(Hopefully) Last "Epistle" (Pandering in this Writing-Way) Gathering

& 'Inbring' on The Great Gatsby's Queerwonder 

Hello, dear all world's readers & untaught folk,

I's wrote me most things (read the book's 'version' mine here, as threefold, first book, nextthird) in Los Angeles (rural Midwest & West!) & some talk in New York Speech (with the old /əi/ for /ər/); see my laws for 'folksy english', here; also for shortness, i's took me out 'of=', instead '='s'; for showing, 'sure', in one, /ʃər/, but in th' other, /ʃuə/. 


(before then too few books was wrote for us to know much 'bout everyday folks & the true america; all literature had it upperclass ends, but not this one novel); THEREFORE, it is a love tale between nick carraway & gatsby (with all the 'lavender' & 'gay' (gay | Origin and meaning of gay by Online Etymology Dictionary, "used by homosexuals, among themselves, in this sense at least since 1920') too, since them words wasn't put in it for nothing & with nick being super unreliable narrator, making this the greatest postmodern book, in fact, super postmodern, like any gay soul's life steeped and teeming with lies.) Needless to say, alcohol has to have made them less 'manly', their true self rise (nick got drunk in chapter two and ended having fucked mister mckee, that's wife was lesbian, needless to say, and which fucking is foretokened by the the phallic metaphor, the elevator 'lever'). 

Furthermore, Jay Gatsby WANTED TO BE DAISY, since he was queer, and, like the book tell, spent him time at endless jerking off ("the clock ticked on the wash-stand...the moon soaked...his clothes...each night he added to the pattern of his fancies until drowsiness...the rock of the world was founded securely on a fairy's wing", page hundred six); he DID NOT love her, that is ABSURD. He wanted to be rich, idle woman men loved and wooed, or, later, that had husband, like MUSCULAR, that is, handsome, Buchanan.

Why no paragraphs in 'my version'? Sunderin' into paragraphs & chapters throw us in room, no meaning. it make for slack writing (whatever dumbass teacher say, FDOEducation!)

It was five films made off it (19261949197420002013, — Wikipediaseemingly all pretty bad & unqueerest, but, in all fairness to Leonardo DiCaprio & Tobey Maguire, Nick being in mental instution, in their version for the global market!, make it maybe a fake memory that he was with woman.

Te entra a "La vida es sueño"

Hola, mundo que lee o, más, quienes no saben escribir,

La vida es sueño me parece ser buen libro, ya que una suya cita nunca se me olvidó, y que es muy hermosa décima,

"Yo sueño que estoy aquí
destas prisiones cargado,
y soñé que en otro estado
más lisonjero me vi.
¿Qué es la vida? Un frenesí.
¿Qué es la vida? Una ilusión,
una sombra, una ficción,
y el mayor bien es pequeño;
que toda la vida es sueño,
y los sueños, sueños son.

Véase—pa leer esta 'versión' mía, jornada primerasegunda y tercera—el entrar a la enseñanza el nuevo escribir mío pa no solo español, sino toa lengua ya romance ya hasta algunas otras, también, cerca, aquí, bajo Carta sobre el más verdadero español. Solo escribo la /θ/, 'z, ce, ci', donde puede haber confusión, mayor parte,
  • 'hac-, as-' 
  • 'cas-, caz-' 
  • 'abras-, abraz-'
  • 'ciencia, cens-'
  • 'graci-, gras-'
  • 'caus-, goz-'
  • 'rebos-, reboz-'
  • 'seg-, ceg-'
  • 'ruci-, rus-'
  • 'espes-, especi-'
  • 'sed-, ced-'
  • 'nex-, neci-'
  • 'os-, oci-'
ni, si tu no quieres, la digas. Sepan, que 'vos' 'os', /po, oh=, =o/ quiere decir 'ustedes'. Su métrica, o, dijera, 'pie canto' (con la rima, así puesto, adentro líneas y estrofas, menos en romance),

& Inbring on "Simulacra & Simulation"

Hello, all world's readers & folks untaught &, even more, Afric's & Frenchland's (4.5 million in France are illiterate, says new book),

French is so so unsheerest, so far from its TRUER little langue doil self. why!!! 

(See the Romance Folksy Law, here, under "Carta...") We has to mind us that the French 'masculine article' was like a 'neuter' too with a adjective, so '(le) X' is truly 'what is X' or 'something X'; 'simul(ation, etc.)' is the same thing as likemaking, copying, imitating, cloning, painting/art, even language and science, etc, so the title itself shouldn't frighten us when would-be readers; many words tied by 'de' in french into english they should turn like this, XdeY > YX, thus 'scenario (de) travail' (senario traae) > work scenario (play/set), but, otherwise, the 'de' can be either the doer or undergoer/owner/beer, so even
  • '..by..', '..on/to../'s' (par, sur(siur)/a)
but this go back to 'de' never having ever been romance, but brought in to get latinisher, & longer same as with 'paragraphs', rather, empty room (i take me out this 'de' every time or swap (with also, seldom,
  • 'hors' (or) 'outside/off' 
  • 'pour' (pur) 'for' 
  • 'avec' (ae) 'with' 
  • (french folk say 'dans' (toŋ) too, 'inside', but I wouldn't know to say like them with that)
  • unless as 'd'' with some often 'adverb', or, seldom, as its truly french way, 'des' (te))
  • 'que' (kə) 'than';
  • 'sans' (soŋ) 'without'
likewise, many twofold thinkings should be togetherthings, like 'X de l espace et du temps' (X espastoŋ) > spacetime X. (sadly,
  • 'sens' & 'science' get 'homophonous', but one more cannot bother french, even less with such likemeaning words; 
  • also 'continue' 'contenu'.
  • 'toute' 'doute'
  • 'tou' 'doux'
  • 'classique' 'glacis' 
  • 'antérieur' 'intérieur' 
  • 'fiction' 'fission' 
  • 'mouvement' 'moment' 
  • 'electrique' 'electronique' ('-on' meaningless) 
  • 'réel' 'révèl' 
  • 'idée' 'étai-' 'été' 
  • 'cadavre' 'catarrhe', etc.)
the french 'nominalizATIONs' they has to be 'infinitives'!!! for broader soon reading—but i'll get to the next book later to do like that—also, the 'ne(...que)' took out (or swapped with 'pas' (pa(z)). 

Furthermore, we has to see us this like a good textbook or teachingbook on semiotics, the tokenlore or worldmarklore (I almost wonder if Baudrillard knew that 'simule' nativized as 'semoule' was 'homophonous' with 'semolina' (flour/meal), 'finer' wheat, yet unhealthiest), and the book my kind is here, where each book as I sunderd is six chapters first to last, firstnextthird.

To 'Religious' Folk that Fast


If you gonna fast, you can also turn you off your air conditioner or heating and not drive and do you full sabbath. wonders for the world, besides.

A los turistas cualquier-tierra aconseja no vengan a Miami

Hola, querido Turista,

Aunque parezca Miami ser ciudad con tanto que ofrecer, más que todo, playa-lujo-fiesta, la verdad, sin embargo, si la vieras, te pareciera desaconsejar de una, cuando ni playa, sino asfalto-concreto, ni lujo, sino pobreza tan pura como por raza, ni, al fin, fiesta, sino una hiperrealidad y simulacrismo a la fiesta muy ya triste, ya bien cochina—pues nunca Miami se dejó que naciera algo suyo y verdadero, cuando o las cuentas a su nuevos llegados no les daban, o, peor, en el día-a-día, el hilo parentesco-maneras era tan fino y casi desaparecido entre ya familias, ya trabajadores; pues, de otras, ¿como el hablainglés se amiga con el hablaespañol, el vivemucho con el vivepoco, el comemás con el comemenos, el blanco con el indio, el judío de antes con esto recién llegado? O sea, todo lo desarrollado, no a lo mejor, sino a estas ruinas puras, llegó, por todo el nuevo pueblo, después llegado, no haber mejorado ni en saber ni en hablar ni en vivir, sino ponido todo lo llamado latino en un apartamento o algo casi casa.

Entonces, en vez venir aquí, vayan a Cuba, que siempre fue pueblo, o al Sur Americano pobre, que la Florida antes esto ahora era, siendo eso Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Carolina Sur y solo el norte a la Florida. En el Sur, hay hermosa costumbre y tiempos de antes muy conocidos—esclavitud (sí, triste, pero ni más que la por España y otros a los indios y negros), pobreza, comida, fincas viejas, guerra, cambio viejo-a-nuevo.

Against Land & Weather Uncared by Often Film Atlookers 'Critics'

Hello, dear Film Atlookers, 'Critics', etcetera,

I think it's so sad, dear folks that work in this for whether this-that newsthing or the Associated Press, that often we don't look, or, rather, you don't look at and break us down something weighty, whether now with weather shift or whenever—how the film play with the 'nature' in it. I was watching me lately some film, 'Drive (2011)*', most prettiest, where, after going thru that awful Los Angeles stoned over, 'concrete', stream (Los Angeles River Revitalization), the main filmself, 'character', end up, with the woman and her child, at the stream's end, i guess, where it's wonderful little little woodsland-like thing, and they sit there, doing so mostly. I thought the meaningfulness in that was so so much—but, sadly, it's few folk like you that ever bother to look at things such as that, when it should be, to wiser folk, and more read & learned, that, in some film, it's nothing but 'nature', the land and the weather and the water (roundings), that truly shine above everything; ain't it this is called 'sun'?

Therefore, without no more blahblahs, let's say like this—we need to look at the greendom, at the 'nature' and the folk's feeling toward that, not anymore at the 'characters' nor the 'plot'. Them is silly next to that, the true world, what is inborn, our making outa dust. Furthermore, since we's woke up to the 'greenwashing', but kept us its meaning too little & too ended, we should broaden us it up, so we can see how, beyond leaves and 'eco' on some 'bottle', we can ha' us much worse, full film with fake greendom, in this itself and the filmselves—and, yes, however, in this film 'Drive', the might, at least as i saw, was such in that, that Losangelesfolk, 'Angelenos', keep 'em the concrete stream like that, why? why? when they could ha' 'em the whole thing unstoned and again greened.

*WikipediaRotten TomatoesIMDb 
note with First Reformed (2018), it's the same thing, all 'bout 'religion', like it was the true, main pith, 'theme'. No, it was weather shift; it's 'cli-fi' (In 'First Reformed'[...]Yale Climate Connections), tale 'bout weather & manmade shift on it, that's 'bout it. II A Quiet Place, 'noise pollution', not abortion, not politics. And yes, as mom or dad you'd wanna be in 'nature', like anybody. III Avengers: Infinity War, also (it ain't true death by Thanos, but 'metaphor' for being green) but overall thinking 'bout that since it's open-ended.

On Why Laws Ain't 'Bona Fide' for Fairness (Speech-Wise), with the 'Constitution' as Showing

Hello, dear Supreme Court,

Let's tell ourselves the whole truth, let's stop with the fucking fakeness—our 'constitution' is utter filth, is utter ununderstandingness & has to have been wrote willfully that way, so neither 'immigrants' nor 'slaves' could ever read nor get.

That's the whole truth. Now let's leap over to our times—we's shifted, we's learned? No, we hasn't. (Now, mind you that most folks back then was immigrants as many Americans, to this day, they's German or Irish background.) We still in truth teach children this filth, this evil. That's what the 'constitution' is, since it's MEANINGLESSUS, us, ourselves alone is what keep us the law alive in our selfish, wealthy reading—in other words, speech-wise, our land started wrong, unlike Europe where the law had to be turned to folkspeech from latin, & the thought oftener WAS to have folks know; but it wasn't no 'class struggle', nor 'immigration', no 'slavery'—not like ours, anyway, so great in unfairness—to hinder 'em true fairness from, where it can truly only come, shared speech. 

It'd be truly hours after hours if we went thru how silly the 'constitution' is.

Wonderful showing, "No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years", only markeder, longer way to say, "No Person shall be a Representative who shall [be] not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years...".

further reading Second Constitutional Convention of the United States - Wikipedia

With Wisdom on the Green-Wealth Tie in Wheels & Weather in Towns

Hello, dear General MotorsFordChrysler-FiatFTC & EPA,

The green-wealth in wheels & weather is true (the 'eco-economics', the green kind (learning)). How? Well, urban sprawl don't work, but, also, it's not only the town being bigger, but, also, the wain itself, its body getting bigger, so it's harder to even us out this weather-shift thing, the earth might evening, but also wealth-wise, since only the petropope can win.

So, we can say it's bubble, however much it don't wanna burst. Time is mightier than will, this here being that to drive more, drive in bigger wain body, in newer, & this will flowing from this silly will-wish up to the town, up to the whole earth—but how we don't see? Us, as the folk, we should see us the kinship (the tie) even thru th' other things unakin, however shiny(, withstanding.)

So, here, we go on to the town's weather—the "urban heat island effect", the key to this. The parking lot, as unpretty, is whatever but, as hot, is the greatest both filth (in its heating us) and prettiness (in itself as hot). Beyond this, then it's wealth—FOLK DON'T WALK 'BOUT ON HOT TAR 'ASPHALT', since it's unsoothing, thus bad to 'capitalism', 'economy', the 'land-wealth'. The tie between the unsoothing lot & the wealth (that, inbornly, has to be mostly growing in summer, needless to say) is there, there, there.

The only help is the wheels utterly banned, from where, later, not too later, anyhow, new, much bigger, greater, thickened, & hopefully much greener, land-wealth can sprout.

somewhat spring The Next American Car Recession Has Already Started - Bloomberg

Thrown-in ('Addendum')

If Stalin Died by Note, Let the World Righted by List!

NEW LAWS—first, let indoor weathermaking set on seventy eight, summer, sixty eight, winter; next, let all drivers banned, unless for shipping or ridesharing, then greened back all lots; third, let banned all english (any tongue's, even) unfolksy speech-laws