Fourth Epistle Gathering

It Curse the White "Hispanic" 

Hello, fucking White Hispanic,

You ain't a minority. Bye.

note i's black & white, not white, thank god, so i think with wrath at this dumb word "hispanic", like native american hispanics also, or asian hispanics, or arab hispanics, etc. II another key word here is 'latino', 'latina', 'latinx', all that meaningless shit. further reading White Hispanic and Latino Americans - Wikipedia

Weather Clothes or How Clothes Should Be for Weather Not for Wealth-Tokening Nor for 'Work'

Hello, dear Climate Reality ProjectTreeHuggerEPA, & UNFCCC,

In a heatbelt ('tropical'), sea-height land, hardly any clothes at all is alone right & good; outside the heatbelt, summer call for hardly any, winter for thickest layers; lastly, in the heatbelt highlands, the yearlong spring or winter call for some thick layers, needless to say, yearlong. If us however, in our long & europe-hearted silliness, we keep wearing us clothes not right for what we got us weather-wise, then what ground behaving we's ever gonna shift towards greenness, needless to say, when this itself this is or should be, the most ground-thing?

We can see us in the way two things—one, wealth/standing-tokening, 'status symbols', as this is what clothes wanna do us, and how us we turn us them into 'fetish', into worshiped things, so sillily, to make like we's something bigger or wealthier; the other, 'work', or what like to call us 'work', it being something that under it you must do as you's told. Now, the first thing we can show us how it's silly from the start, rather soon, & more than readily, but the next, that about 'work', it's only true for some folks, not for most, even more as many folks wear 'em 'work' clothes, where there ain't no work, like folks going to a friendly, idle meeting in them 'suits' and so forth or in hardly anything, if it's inside heated.

Thus, to end, how you end you bad behaving—this, us worshiping us, 'fetish', the indoor weathermaker, & its clothes, so uninborn to one weather, so often, so reckless, so mindless, as to be by itself almost half the weather-shift start, both straightly and unstraightly 'directly'? To the 'judge', the (law-)deemer, here in Florida, or anywhere—you look dumb. To another in a colder land—you needa put you on some more layers. That's the true dumbarse, both in dealing with the weather shift ('climate change' & 'urban heat island effect'), & overall wealth unevenness, since wealth is half token, half truth—it's her or him that won't shed 'em or don 'em the right clothes.

note needless to say, when dealing with utmost rain or sunshine, all folks gotta put 'em on tough layers (mainly 'plastic/polyester', claything-clothes). II 'work' is also 'school'. III miami/south florida is heatbelt, even if a bit above the heatbelt line.
further reading Cool Biz campaign - Wikipedia

The True & Proudly Folksiest English Speech-Law

Hello, dear ChomskyMerriam-Webster, & Chicago Manual of Style,

Whereas it'll maybe seem like our tongue has been one thing for a long time, us, however, in thinking like that, we forget us the truth behind English—a wrote crossbreed with French & Latin. It is from that Latin that many "grammars" got 'em their laws many many year-hundreds ago, but to this day, the unknowing is such & the wish not to seem needy or folksy, that folks'll fathom 'em somehow the wrote word as being a true tongue—well, they's been so wrong, that it's laughsome, laughworthy, utterly laughing. In truth, the folksy & clean unfrenched & unlatined & unfakely shoved English has got itself all that's needed. We should truly be mindful that Romans & Greek always spoke to seem unmarked, never to seem marked nor too learned, beyond the groundish song & beats (needless to say, till Goths & Celts crossbred 'em their speech with their own laws.) Now, let's look at the true speech knowledge in this little list—but us knowing thruout, that one, never them here things could sundered at all, even if asking or strongmaking us something (no inversion, ever, since it's only utter markedness & only fit in the other Germanic tongues, not English), & lastly, that 'I, you, we, he, she, it, they' they's weakened, the true speech-doers by themself being 'me, you, us, him, her, them, that, this' (not 'those, these', in their stead better 'them here, there, yonder'),

FOR SHOWING, a long (it could be longer) 'verbal complex' or full deed,

note needless to say, '=' & '-' is for teaching & seeing, & don't need wrote, that one being 'clitic', this other 'affix'. II also, as I said here, under 'On the Great Meaning of Souledness', in Folksy English, the unsouled undergoer always go with another undergoer (a 'dative') in the full deed, like, =me, =you, or a full name (if this is right after the deedword, & even more if the next word go with, 'her, his, its'), like "I bought me/myself X, i bought me it, i brought Johnny (his) X." III needless to say, as i said here, under 'The Six Englishes', the 'subject agreement' (like, 'go-es', 'think-s') is utterly dumb & maybe what's the most marked. IIII if you's wondering, when you can have you the weak doer in a thought even already with a name doer, it's when this here is 'definite' or that is, old news in the thought or after 'the, my, them, etc.' ('determiners'), so like, 'many folks often they=come here'.
  • doer
    • ai= I
    • iu=/iə= you/ya
    • ʃi= she
    • (h)i= he
    • it= it
    • ui= we
    • iəl= yall
    • de= they
  • way (like, never, always, -ly, often)
  • deedword kind
    • ʃud= should/must
    • kən= can
    • kud= could
    • (ə)l= will/shall/'ll
    • (i)z= is/are/'s/'re
    • uoz= was/were
    • (ə)z= has/'s
    • (ə)d= had/'d
    • (ə)d/uud= would/'d
    • du= do
    • did= did
    • don= don't/doesn't
    • kan= can't
    • uon= won't/shan't
    • en= ain't/isn't/aren't
    • -ən= not/-n't
  • way
    • =ə(b/f)= has/have
  • X-(t)ə= many kindmakings
    • way
    • STEM, that is, any word, whether onefold or manifold
    • deedword maker
      • -ən/-me:(k) -en/ma-ke/de
    • time
      • -ən -ing/-in'
      • -t/d/id -ed/t 
    • undergoer
      • =mi =mai- me
      • =iu/=iə you/ya
      • =ər 'er/her
      • =im 'im/him
      • =os =ar- 'us'
      • =iəl 'yall'
      • =em 'em/them
    • marked self -sel(f) -self/-selves
    • unsouled
      • =it it
      • =dat that
      • =dis this
      • =dem them
    • spread-out =əl
    • spot (away, up,...)

    My Learnings for Making Us True Haikus

    Hello, dear Haiku Society of America,

    What's truly asking us the haiku? I'd say, to know us what the Romans & Greeks by heart, but also some Hindus & Arabs, & maybe who-know-who others—to weigh us the word-bit. From thence, we can call us some heavy or twotimed, another short, or onetimed; '-time-' since the Romans & Greeks said so, 'tempus' & 'hronos'; on the other hand, i don't know at all from whence the new 'mora' word came, since that wasn't meant like that (see, Charlton T. Lewis, Charles Short, A Latin Dictionary, mŏra & tempus, only 'tempus' got to do with reckoning & song.) Now, they say Japan folk call 'em them 'on', but i feel me great shame to make us the 'haiku' about Japan, & not some wonderful handsomeness alone, now; how any land can make itself a song kind? Song is free; it hasn't got it no owner.

    Now, the English speaker can hardly get 'em the meaning, what's a weighted speech bit, since the tool is so shitty, that is, this our shitty writing, so this, a way mine to show us it, should do,
    A word like 'many' (or 'sinner' like before 'a..'), not its meaning, that is, only how its heard without knowing us any English, it's said as swift or fast as a word like 'way' or 'swift' (or 'back' like before 'm...').
    How, then, that's so that 'many' is the same, time-wise, as 'way'? Now, mind you, we's only lookin at the time, the speech, the hearing, not any English meaning (but a worldwide, crosstongued meaning could be made by putting time-rows next to time-rows, as in 'musical rhythm', that sadly's boring & dull in its western shape). Well, all speech is twofold—the hard-word or hardness or 'consonant' & the soft-word or softness or 'vowel', that one needing itself a shut throat, this other one open. Now, in between the hardness & softness there's an inbetweener, our 'y' that's akin to our 'e', & our 'w' to our 'oo' so too (them here we can show us in better unshitty writing as 'i' & 'u') (we can also put us here the 'r' & 'l' & 's' in English). Now, when one hardness get together with a softness, we get us a 'lightness/onetimedness', or also when a softness is alone, but when a hardness & softness or softness alone get together with two (or) more hardnesses following (or a hardness & a line end) or otherwise when the softness is lengthened whether by might or sloth or loudness, then 'heaviness/heft/twotimedness'—this all indeed (word-bit's) weight's pith.

    Now, after we's got us them here weights, maybe also too much untidiness, & here is where each land has found it some wonderful way for tidying & reckoning. The Japan way is the haiku's or tanka's phrases (i don't know me now the Japan word for 'poem phrase', sorry); for the Greeks (& the Romans that followed 'em like cats mice), foot/meter/limb; the Arab (Arabic prosody - Wikipedia) had 'em their pegs & ropes; the Hindu, last but not least, had 'em the 'gana' (Sanskrit prosody - Wikipedia). Now, outa them here singing networks, it was, however, it was the freest, I'd say, the Japan folk's & Hindu folks'. We here now go into the soon & onefoldly utterly handsome HAIKU or TANKA (Haiku - Wikipedia) (needless to say, not 'bout 'syllables' at all), shown by timed phrases—
    five // seven // five (/// seven // seven)
    Now, them times can be, if we take us '—' for heavy & 'u' for short, any here way for twining us word-bits, (let's be mindful that in all singing the last word-bit, sometimes the line's, it get louder or longer, & with a between-stillness, & thus we can say, like in Arab, Sanskrit, & Roman-Greek, that the haiku is eighteentimed, not seventeentimed, & the tanka's other line is fifteentimed, so a Japan song is rather a thirtythreetimed 'couplet'),
    • five
      • u u u u u
      • — — u 
      • u — —
      • u u — u
      • u — u u
    • seven
      • u u u u u u u
      • — — — u
      • u — — —
      • u u — — u 
      • u — — u u
      • u u u — u u 
      • u u — u u u 
      • u u u u — u
      • u — u u u u

    Follow-Up — The Okinawa Song

    Hello again, dear Haiku Society of America, & Poetry Foundation,

    First, I hope you, Poetry Foundation, read you this here, that i wrote the Haiku Society of America here, there me talking 'bout the true Haiku & the speech timing knowledge. Now, i wanna quickly go over the Okinawa Song, that's grounded on the same (see Ryūka - Wikipedia & The Four Seasons in Okinawan Ryuka Poetry...). It's,
    eight // eight /// eight // six
    and with the line-end lengthening, better reckoned overall as thirytwotimed, not thirtytimed.
    • eight
      • u u u u u u u u 
      • — u u u u u u  
      • u u u u u u —
      • — — u u u u 
      • u u u u — —
      • — — — u u
      • u u — — —
      • — — — —
      • u u — u u u u
      • — u u — —
      • u u u — — u
      • u — — u u u 
      • u u u u — u u 
      • u u — u u u u 
      • u u u u u — u
      • u — u u u u u 
    • six
      • u u u u u u
      • — u u u u
      • u u u u —
      • — — u u
      • u u — —
      • — — —
      • u — u u u
      • u u — u u
      • — u u —
      • u u u — u
      • u — u u u
      • u u u u —
    I like me it, when Okinawa's a rather warm weather side, yet took over by northerners weather-wise, & colder, the Japan folk. The same is true for us many here in Miami, Caribbean, the Global South, weather-wise; sadly, folks don't care enough 'bout weather to see how that's such a mighty thing, when some's got 'em four, others two year weather times, when what we may call us spring or fall is too short, neither it's grounded on might-reckoning, only how much rain alone.

    Why Online Whorefilms Make Us Film & Show Hotness Needless & Meaningless & Unhelpful & Oldenish

    Hello, dear DisneyCBSComcastWarnerSony, & Viacom, Fakeness Lords & Wealth Whores,

    Why yall put hot folks in films? In truth, it mean little, when most folk now can go on the Webs and pull 'em up as much whoredom as they want. Maybe, maybe, how you's thinkin''s that many folks don't go on them web spots to do so, or that if they did, they'd be too ashamed. However, how you could care? You could even go on the whorefilm making business—why not? From where, truly, it come this againstlustness among yall filmmakers & showrunners? I wanna know. Most folks ain't godly now to bother—nobody ever was, it was all token godliness, for a long time, from christendom's start. Indeed, many Romans they took 'em years to go into christ belief, & nevermind how many folks's kept witchcraft & things like that going, nor how most folks don't care beyond the Muslims. The Muslims? But they wed four women by law, when they can. Helloooooooooooooooooooooo!

    To end, it ain't no good in showing us all them pretty shapes, heads, & bodies, when one, we can have us as many as we want on the fucking Webs, & the other thing, well, needless to say, some among us we ain't thin, nor sinewy, nor always speak one way, nor behave one way. For this last thing, it should shame all folks that say they's left & openminded & freelovers & what not, & that wallow in speech greed & token wealth greed—it should shame 'em indeed how they love 'em this show & that show, while either, being unfair to the unshown queer, black, cripple, needy, or to themselves if they's any there things.

    note we call us them, also, 'lustfilms' or 'lewd-films', ('porn..', 'erotica').

    Follow-Up — List with This Year's Main Film Manwhores & Whores

    Hello, dear DisneyCBSComcastWarnerSony, & Viacom , Liemongers & Greed Hearts,

    This is a list for this year, with all the hot folks, the main filmplayers, also called stars,

    note Robert Downey Jr. (old) ain't handsome, nor Tom Cruise (weirdnosed), nor Jack Black (fat). II Lupito Nyongo is most handsome, in truth, but not for the folk, that only like 'em by now euro shapes. Denzel Washington is too old, needless to say. III Bohemian Rhapsody mashing itself pixieboyhood with true life is sickening, i guess, & everybody in it your an everyday unpretty welshlander, 'stereotypical ugly british man'—FILTH (my own thoughts from looking at the 'trailer'.)

    spring List of 2018 box office number-one films in the United States - Wikipedia

    I's Tired With Brexit News & They Maybe Ain't Wedgy Enough

    Hello, dear The Guardian,

    It's so many other things that Welshland (i's giving Britain that name, to make us mind 'bout Arthur, the Celts, & the Welsh & Cornish tongue (English started in the mainland, needless to say, but all Celtic was killed by Latin there))—that it should worry about, like, ending itself its awful kingship, & keepin' itself its many speech-kinds alive, from the West Country English, to the Scots, & the many tongues, from Welsh to Gaelic, & lastly, ending itself any headship sparing, or 'austerity' (maybe see Brexit: austerity tipped balance towards Leave, new study suggests). In truth, we can say so for many other Europe lands, but if in one no kingship, then it end itself any too big headship its, not sparing, but streamlining, i guess.
    No more queen nor king No more 'standard' english No more spending cuts
    To end, i think that the Brexit thing is utterly meaningless, when i's been hearin 'bout it, but nothin—in other words, Britain, having had itself its old & bloody & greedy days with settlings all over the world, it being the greatest sea might, however, it should now give the small lands way, & not care bout makin itself wealthier. Even America ain't as wealthy as Britain*! Nor she had no Shakespeare, no Samuel Johnson, no Newton, no nothin. Be happy! Don't worry! Give out folks free welfare, whether one with Europe or not, when Europe has always been filthy, needy, & 'trashy', but not Britain, the 'classy', clean, & wealthy. Yall should forget 'bout all this Brexit shit, & as I said,
    • No more queen nor king
    • No more 'standard' english
    • No more spending cuts
    note 'wedgy' mean it's a thing to sunder up folks by leadership gangs. Maybe Brexit is too light on this, when middlegrounded thinking ain't liked no more, & it shouldn't. i think if folks was taught well, they'd see 'em the smallest right-leaning thing is dumb, since right-leaning is pretty much hate now.

    *see List of Commonwealth of Nations countries by GDP (nominal) - Wikipedia

    Follow-Up — Anthems in Cockney

    Hello, dear The Guardian,

    Not the 'Save the Queen', but something else i found me here there,

    Do we need a new National Anthem?

    Whether you're a republican, atheist or just someone with good taste, our national anthem is a dreadful dirge. The tune is more likely to send you to sleep than stir any feelings of pride, while the words barely mention the nation at all.
    first, for the four lands (Wales, England, Scotland, N. Ireland), "I Vow to Thee",
    oi beu tə di, mi kantri, o:l ə:fli fiŋz əbab!
    Oi beu tə di, mi kantri, o:l ə:fli fiŋz əbab,
    əntoir en aul en pə:fekt, də sə:bəs ob mi lab;
    də lab ez eks nau kuescən, də lab ez stend də test,
    ez lai əpon di o:lta də diərəst en də best;
    də lab ez neba fo:lta, də lab ez pai də prois,
    də lab ez maik ando:ntəd də foinəl sekrəfois.

    en de z ənaba kantri, oi z ə:d ob loŋ əgau,
    maust dia tə dem ez lab ə, maust grait tə dem ez nau;
    ui mai not keunt ər a:mi:z, ui mai not si ə kiŋ;
    ə fo:trəs iz ə faiffəl a:t, ə proid iz safəriŋ;
    en saul bai saul en soiləntli ə ʃoinən beundz inkri:s,
    en ə uaiz is uaiz ob ɟentəlnəs, en o:l ə pa:dz iz pi:s.

    Then, for England, Jerusalem,
    en uoz ɟəru:zləm bildəd iər, əmoŋ di:z da:k saitenik milz?
    En did dauz fi:t in enʃənt toim, uo:k əpon ingləndz meuntənz gri:n;
    en uoz də auli lem ob god, on ingləndz plezənt pa:scaz si:n!
    en did də keuntənəns dəboin, ʃoin fo:f əpon a kleudəd ilz?
    en uoz ɟəru:zləm bildəd iər, əmoŋ di:z da:k saitenik milz?

    briŋ mi mi beu ob bə:nən gauld; 
    briŋ mi mi arauz ob dəzoia;
    briŋ mi mi spiər; au kleudz anfauld! 
    briŋ mi mi cariət ob foia!

    oi uil not si:s from mentəl foit, no ʃel mi so:d sli:p in mi end;
    til ui ez bilt ɟəru:zəlem, in ingləndz gri:n en plezənt lend.

    How the Work-Business & Our Times Truly Happened

    Hello, dear American Historical Society,

    I believe that one thing, mostly, brought us about our, 'modern', times & work-business (overthrowing), 'industrial (revolution)'—coffee-bitter, 'caffeine', whether tea, coffee, or chocolate. The other lesser thing, also that brought about, was weather or speech; now, i say 'or', from my belief that warm or wet weather make for many tongues (& birthing first, needless to say), which make the folk choose 'em one speech-kind or tongue or writing to speak/write with each other & show others their own standing. To show us them here things, we'll get us some all-reckoning-tables, 'statistic'; first, the most spoke tongues, (List of languages by total number of speakers),
    • English
    • Mandarin/Chinese
    • Hindustani/Hindi/Urdu
    • Spanish
    • Arabic
    • French
    • Malay/Indonesian/Malaysian
    • Russian
    • Bengali
    • Portuguese
    • German
    • Japanese
    • W. Punjabi/Lahnda
    • Persian
    • Swahili
    • Javanese
    • Wu/Shanghainese
    • Telugu
    • Turkish
    • Korean
    • Marathi
    • Tamil
    • Yue/Cantonese
    • Vietnamese
    • Italian
    • Hausa
    • Thai
    • S. Min/Hokkien
    Now, let's look at who drink 'em coffee-bitter, first by tea (List of countries by tea consumption per capita),
    • Turkey
    • Ireland
    • United Kingdom
    • Iran
    • Russia
    • Morocco
    • New Zealand
    • Egypt
    • Poland
    • Japan
    • Saudi Arabia
    • South Africa
    • Netherlands
    • Australia
    • Chile
    • United Arab Emirates
    • Germany
    • Hong Kong
    • Ukraine
    • China
    • Canada
    • Malaysia
    • Indonesia
    • Switzerland
    • Czech Republic
    • Singapore
    • Slovakia
    • India
    • Taiwan
    • Sweden
    • Hungary
    • Norway
    • Austria
    • Finland
    • United States
    • Argentina
    • France
    • Vietnam
    • South Korea
    • Spain
    • Denmark
    • Italy
    • Belgium
    • Bulgaria
    • Romania
    • Portugal
    • Thailand
    • Philippines
    • Greece
    • Venezuela
    • Peru
    • Colombia
    • Brazil
    • Mexico
    I made me 'bold' the lands where most speakers speak 'em a most spoke tongue, & them make 'em up like four fifths, so most. Now, let's look at Coffee drinkers (Caffeine (Coffee) Consumption By Country),
    • Finland
    • Norway
    • Netherlands
    • Slovenia
    • Austria
    • Serbia
    • Denmark
    • Germany
    • Belgium
    • Brazil
    • Bosnia-Herzegovina
    • Estonia
    • Switzerland
    • Croatia
    • Dominican Republic
    • Costa Rica
    • Macedonia
    • Italy
    • Canada
    • Lithuania
    • France
    • United States
    • Poland
    • Hungary
    • Spain
    • South Korea
    • Algeria
    • Australia
    • Portugal
    • Slovakia
    • Latvia
    • Greece
    • Czech Republic
    • Bulgaria
    • Tunisia
    • Singapore
    • Guatemala
    • Romania
    • United Kingdom
    • Thailand
    • Venezuela
    • Japan 
    • Colombia
    • Malaysia
    • Hong Kong
    • New Zealand
    • Georgia
    • Philippines
    Here, we see it's three fifths, thereabouts, outta the list, them that drink 'em coffee & speak a tongue most spoke, likely from coffee being dearer then tea, & not too often in China, that is, it's hardly drunk there. Also, if we think 'bout other things to drink, first, alcohol maybe'll come to mind, as muddling us them here outcomes, or reckonings, but that's a euro thing so much beer or wine drinking; the other thing, there's few drinks that we could even look at beyond tea & coffee, & not think about their heavy 'marketing', like Coca-Cola, that, by the way, has got it caffeine, so it help me my truth thought. Furthermore, any drink beyond coffee or tea need too much either heated or cooled to be made or shipped. Also, to end, we can say, that even tho speech is also a lesser thing, work-business (overthrowing)-wise, it's got it with the main thing, coffee-bitter drinking, a straightest kinship, as we's somewhat shown above, as a main limb to the whole truth-thought—without tea or coffee, there's NO work-business (overthrowing) nor our times ('industrial (revolution)', our 'modernity').

    note i's against the thought that 'boiling', seething 'em the water get folks healthier, when this was always so, without or with coffee, nor it could be too big a thing next to the mind-shifting might, coffee's.

    Almost New Songfeet

    Hello, dear Poetry Foundation,

    Since us some we wanna get us back the roman & greek, the arab & persian, the hindu & tamil, & the japan way, but also keep us somewhat the Europe way that tho dull, still wield it mind-shifting ways over not only its homeland, but even the whole world, then, it seem me that we could mash us, like Ambrose's (Ambrosian hymns - Wikipedia), the manifold, timed way with the slacker way that came with christendom. To do us this, first we has to see that only them here feet shift folks their inner being most & in the Europe way—the wheel & the against-wheel ('trochee' & 'iamb'.) It maybe'll seem sad that the finger & against-finger ('dactyl' & 'anapest') thing meant less to Europe, but that's the truth, when you know that always it was the songmaking-way, putting you over the words the overwielded faker feet, as we can see whether now in English or in Spanish or among most folksiest songsters. The other thing to know is that if a tail is thrown in or took out, that is, the line-end, x (or wrote, —, too), or the foot-end, x //, then this should be thruout the song (likewise, a break, 'cesura', should be thruout too), so the first line's shape is kept thruout.

    Now, let's list us them all that's onefold, that is, breakless,
    • — u / — (x)
    • x — / u — (/ x)  
    • — x / — u / — (x)
    • x — / x — / u — (/ x)
    • — x / — x / — u / — (x)
    • x — / x — / x — / u — (/ x)
    • — x / — x / — x / — u / — (x)
    • x — / x — / x — / x — / u — (/ x)
    Now, we can twine us them first six here, as twofold line, first the wheels, 
    • — x / — (x) // — u / — (x) 
    • — x / — (x) // — x / — u / — (x)
    • — x / — (x) // — x / — x / — u / — (x)
    • — x / — x / — (x) // — x / — (x) 
    • — x / — x / — (x) // — x / — u / — (x)
    • — x / — x / — (x) // — x / — x / — u / — (x)
    • — x / — x / — x / — (x) //— u / — (x) 
    • — x / — x / — x / — (x) // — x / — u / — (x)
    • — x / — x / — x / — (x) // — x / — x / — u / — (x)
      Now, the against-wheels,
      • x — / x — (/ x) // x — / u — (/ x)  
      • x — / x — (/ x) // x — / x — / u — (/ x)
      • x — / x — (/ x) // x — / x — / x — / u — (/ x)
      • x — / x — / x — (/ x) // x — / u — (/ x)  
      • x — / x — / x — (/ x) // x — / x — / u — / (x) 
      • x — / x — / x — (/ x) // x — / x — / x — / u — (/ x)
      • x — / x — / x — / x — (/ x) // x — / u — (/ x)  
      • x — / x — / x — / x — (/ x) // x — / x — / u — (/ x) 
      • x — / x — / x — / x — (/ x) // x — / x — / x — / u — (/ x)
        Now, let's show us a book that took it one outta them here in bold, in their slacker untimed shape,

        'Supermarkets' Shamelessly Setting Us The Cheap & Needed Things on Unreaching Shelves

        Hello, uncaring Publix, & Sedano's, & Federal Trade Commission, & Walmart, & Target,

        You all should so so ashamed. In truth, nowadays that there's so much neediness here in Miami & in the whole America, it should rest on yall to help folks most in findin' 'em the cheapest foods dry & fresh. However, what yall truly do us, it's to set ya all the cheap & no-name things, 'generic', & even your ownbrandeds, either way down or way up the shelves, almost never in the middle, where yall instead choose to set ya so so wisely the more big-name brands, that more often than not they's the both the dearer & less cheapened, 'discounted'.

        However still, yall so shamelessly put you out all them sales-thing, 'ads', showing us so brightly how yalls things they's the cheapest & funnest to buy in your big froze-up way ungreen dully dyed warehouses—how silly & funny. Yall should be helping the older folks that can't reach to the cheaper things, the homeless that can't afford 'em hardly a thing, & what's more, us that don't wanna keep alive big food's business overlordship, overdearmaking us so many needfulest foods, dry & fresh.

        note here some somewhat springs, 9 Ways Supermarkets Get You To Spend More Money, & How to Buy Food: The Psychology of the Supermarket

        Carta sobre habla vasca bien y nueva aconsejada 

        Hola, querido País Vasco,

        Qué tanto me gusta el país vasco, yo aunque nunca ido ahí, costara poner en bastantes palabras. La verdad es que ustedes ahí son un gran fósil ya en habla ya para la 'antropología', el saber sobre el hombre, tanto que debieran estar puestos arriba para todo el mundo ser como ustedes. (Aún, sin embargo, no muy lejos están los Sardos montañeros que también se mantienen la más antigua habla romance.) Lo triste, más aún, es que tan pocos quieren aprenderles a ustedes su lengua tan hermosa. Por eso estoy escribiendo lo que va seguir aquí, para mejor enseñanza, ya les guste, ya no, porque creo que aunque muy nueva ya nos parezca la idea, mejor es que quedar como ahora sin ningún ya ni pequeño ni grande ganar, sino puro casi ya desdén, cuando el español se alza tanto, sin ningún verdadero derecho—es así por tanto no saber ellos antropología. Sin embargo, y lo que tan bueno nos fuera, el que fuera aprender vasco, también a aprender la más honda y verdadera antropología. Pues, entonces, empecemos,
        A E F I K L M N O P R S Σ T U :
        • TALLO, cualquier palabra 
        • hacehecho -t:u= -i= -in=  -s:en= -t:en=
        • tiempo -k:o= =rik/=t:a(k:o) =(e)s
        • manera ari, nai, pear, aal,...
        • testigo =al= =ot:e= =omen= =pa= es=
        • manera pa- pai(t)=
        • padecedor 
          • =n-
          • =∅-
          • =t- =s- =l- =p-
          • =k-
          • =s-
        • cuenta -(en)-ir- -(en)-it:-
        • estar
          • -ako -aute
          • -enko(en) -eunten
        • ser
          • -ais -ara --ai(ski)- -is:ai- 
          • -in(s)en -ins -i -ina -en
          • -ati(n) -enti(n) -ait:e:- ninte-
        • hacer/tener
          • -au -ait:u -u -i(ski)- 
          • -intu(en) -uen 
          • esata(n) esa(n) 
        • podiendo k:e(en)
        • hacedor más -t:e-
        • hacedor/dador
          • -t -ta-
          • -n(a)(-) -k -a-
          • ∅ -o(-)
          • -ku(-)
          • -su(-)
          • -e(-)
        • bajador -(e)n -(e)la -(e)nik -(e)nean -(e)nes -(e)la(rik) -(e)lak:o
        =, es para aprender, no escribir siempre. Hecho su ritmo, cada palabra, àá, áàá, áààá, áàáàá, áàáààá, áàáàáàá.
        kisonemak:ume kustiak aʃke iaios:en tira, tuintaʃun et:a eʃkupite perperak tit:ustela; et:a esakuera et:a konsiensia tut:enes kero, elkar:en artean senite lekes iok:at:u pear:a tut:e.
        "Esklabu erremintaria",

        Sartaltek:o oianetan kat:ipat:urik 
        er:omara ek:ar:i sintut:en, esklapua, 
        er:emintari ofisioa eman=sisut:en 
        et:a kat:eak ekit:en=tit:usu. 
        lapet:ik at:eras:en tusun purtin koria 
        naieran molta senesak:e, 
        espat:ak ekin=tis:ak:esu 
        sure er:it:ar:ek kat:eak auʃ=tis:at:en, 
        pania suk, esklapu or:ek, 
        kat:eak ekit:en=tit:usu, kat:e keiako. 

        "Ait:or:en iskuns sar:a",

        piecanto x x / x x / x x / — // x x / x x / — —

        Ait:or:en iskuns sar:a, nai teku sapaltu
        muntuaren aur:ean kisonki asaltu
        paltin kure sanietan otolik pateku
        euskaltunal euskeras its ekin pear teku.
        lentapisik:o is:ak aurtʃo ninsanian
        amaren pesoetan pular par:enian.
        its auek esan sitan isketa karpian.
        korte euskara semetʃo pios:en ertian.
        sein iskunsa eter:a euskera kuria
        iniun es tet arkis:en peste pat opia.
        uʃai koso tun iskunc tʃuk:un :ta arkia,
        piraurik:an es tuen isket:a karpia.
        es tauk:aku euskera loʃ:as pastartsek:o
        ainpat kutʃio per:is oniasporas:ek:o.
        iainkoak eman sikun euskaltunensak:o
        pere leke santuak es tira ukas:ek:o.
        amatʃok esan sitan eiots aur:ean,
        akur semetʃo lastan laister nais lurpean!
        euskeras ot:oits ekin nere lur kaniean,
        euskeras nai tet ensun nik sorionean.
        ama, eransun nion sure lur kaniean
        pelaunik:o iar:ita ot:oits ekit:ean
        euskeras ekinko tet kois :ta araʃ:altian
        piok sautet:elak:o nere pios:ian.
        es:aiak aurka tapils euskeraren kait:ik
        len, orain et:a peti kustis aʃpaltit:ik.
        lurperatu nairikan, ansinantiniati:ik,
        es tut:e ori lortuk:o inionko altet:ik.
        euskera kaltus:ek:o es tako peltur:ik
        muntuan es ta sortu ortak:o intar:ik
        sasiiiankinʃu asko tapils kaltu nairik
        asmo tʃar or:ek kustiak tirate alper:ik.
        koratu tesakun pa euskera lastana,
        kure aʃapakantik ik:asi kentuna.
        poskar:isko iskunsa mait:as:en tekuna
        piots naikapetua ʃentas:en tikuna.
        kora euskera mait:e sorakar:iena.
        euskaltunen artean mait:agar:iena.
        muntuan sortu sanik iskunsik sar:ena.
        kora t:a kora pet:i EUSKATI T:A EUSKERA!

        My Learnings on Writing & Wealth Crossland-Wise

        Hello, dear United Nations, & International Monetary Fund, & World Literacy Foundation, & The World Bank,

        I myself'll take me it on to learn me the truths 'bout the writing-lack worldwide, me being a speech-lover & hatin' me this now sight, where so much neediness in Afghanistan, the land least writing-taught, but even everywhere folks know, but don't work at it everyday; needless to say, beyond the needless wealth brought on folks by writing, it's the great holiness in knowing, which can only come to us thru it.

        25 Most Illiterate Countries -
        • South Sudan
        • Afghanistan
        • Burkina Faso
        • Niger
        • Mali
        • Chad
        • Somalia
        • Ethiopia
        • Guinea
        • Benin
        • Sierra Leone
        • Haiti
        • Senegal
        • The Gambia
        • Bhutan
        • Pakistan
        • Guinea-Bissau
        • Mozambique
        • Central African Republic
        • Cote d'Ivoire
        • Nepal
        • Bangladesh
        • Timor-Leste
        • Mauritania
        • Togo
        • South Sudan
        • Burundi
        • Malawi
        • Central African Republic
        • Yemen
        • Mozambique
        • Democratic Republic of Congo
        • Madagascar
        • The Gambia
        • Sierra Leone
        • Niger
        • Afghanistan
        • Togo
        • Uganda
        • Liberia
        • Burkina Faso
        • Guinea
        • Rwanda
        • Haiti
        • Tajikistan
        • Comoros
        • Ethiopia
        • Guinea-Bissau
        • Mali
        • Nepal
        • Chad
        • Benin
        • Sudan
        Shortened from Literacy is key to unlocking the cycle of poverty - Houston Chronicle,
        if ya can read, ya luckier than many folks & children. we talk 'bout the 'web times' like it was a given, but for many, & mostly wimmen, them here words don't mean. United Nations say writingless grownups threatened by sickness, overworkedness, & rightlessness. Writing & knowledge lacked keep folks in wicked wheeling neediness settin' em for gore & fights. All in all, without writing, it ain't no rest.
        To win against this sickness, to heal us it, to go forward in true & broad 'web times', we has to learn 'bout speech, like i already did. And yes, that mean looking at all world tongues & how they work, like w being like a v, or y being like a j, in that there's a worldwide speech at the shortest saying, 'universal archiphonology'.

        Welsh & Breton & Irish — The Olden & True West Worshiped

        Hello, dear WalesBrittany, & Ireland,

        I call you by who got 'em the most speakers, & like that i'll look into you in my way. Sadly, Ireland has done so so little to help itself turn into the great true land it could be; now, it's a shadow next to the great middle-eld works & life that went on, i guess (even with the Vikings being so bad to 'em, i guess, back then.) Neither the Catholic Church much.
        A E F H I K L M N Ŋ O P R S T U : 
        kenir paup en ri:t ak en ketra:t a:i kili:t meun irtas a hauliau. fei kiniskaitir a resum a kituipot, a tilai paup emtuin e nail at e lal meun esprit kimotlon.
        • under e(r)=
        • way mi= na(k)= oni= 
        • stem, any word
        • deed -i(o)-
        • maybe -s- 
        • time
          • -a -un -es
          • -i -et -est 
          • -it -ai -ot
          • -(u)n -en -on
          • -(u)h -eh -oh
          • -(a)n -en -on
        • doer
          • =i
          • =ti
          • =(p)V =hi
          • =ni
          • =ki
          • =nu
        • undergoer ...
        • not =(ti)m
        • spot =X- (a i ar at ken kan ker t:an t:ua ...)
        • undergoer
          • -ai
          • -at:i
          • -opV -ihi
          • -on:i
          • -h:i
          • -en:u
        tieup a par en o teleseges ak o kuiriu: eo kanet an ol tut. poel a skiant so teso a tleut a reoint pepaŋ an eil kant ekile en ur speret a kenpreuteuries.
        • not ne= ia=
        • undergoer 
          • ma= pa=
          • ta=
          • e= he=
          • on=
          • ho=
          • o=
        • stem, any word
        • time -p- -i-
        • doer
          • -an -in
          • -es -i -es -ut 
          • -V -o -e -io- -as -et
          • -onp -inp -enp
          • -it -ot -eh -oh
          • -ont -int -ent
        • doerless -r -t
        • spot =X-
        • undergoer
          • -on
          • -ut
          • -aŋ -i
          • -onp
          • -oh
          • -V
        si:li:ter di:nie i:lie si:r kes kouinen ine nti:net kes ine k:iart. ta pue an rie:su:n kes tlii:t iet fie:n t unper tie uio:n pra:tiahies lie a kie:lie.
        • under a(p)= ko= kur= nah= nar= ine=
        • stem, any word
        • tie -en
        • doer 
          • -m
          • -tu
          • -sie -sii -tar -ter
          • -mit -met
          • -siip -siiu
          • -siet
        • spot =X-
        • undergoer
          • -m
          • -t
          • -e -i
          • -in
          • -ip -iu
          • -u
        spring Omniglot

        Turkish Naked a Truly Handsome Tongue

        Hello, dear Turkey,

        I think the header say enough.
        A C D E I K L M N O P R S Σ T U Z : 
        • undergoer
          • pen- pan- 
          • sen- san-
          • on- pun- ʃun-
          • pis-
          • sis-
        • others more -lar-
        • spot -X= (i a da dan im~in)
        • way/name, without an ending
        • STEM, any word
        • deed -la
        • ??? helper -(i)uar -(a)pil) -(a)dur -(a)kal -(a)ias 
        • self -(i)n
        • each other -(i)ʃ
        • make -t -tir -ir -ar -it
        • undergo -il  -(i)n
        • while -makta -mali 
        • not -(i/a)r -ma(s) -ama(s)
        • while -azak -(i)miʃ -ior
        • time -(i)ti -(i)sa
        • doer
          • -m -im -aim
          • -n -sin -asin
          • -∅ -∅/-tir -a -sin
          • -k -is -alim
          • -nis -sinis -asinis -in(is)
        • others more -lar

        piutin insanlar iur, aisiat ue haklar pakimindan eʃit doarlar. akil ua uizdana saiptirlar ue pirpirlarina karʃu kardaʃlik si:niati ila hareket etmalidirlar. 

        pen kiderim adim kalir; 
        dostlar peni=hatirlasin;
        diuin olur pairam kelir...
        zan kapeste durmas ucar;
        diunia pir an konan keucar;
        ai dolanir iillar kecar...
        zan pedandan airilazak;
        tiutmas paza ianmaz ozak;
        selam olsin kuzak kuzal....
        azar solar tiurli, cicak;
        kimlar kiulmiʃ, kim kiulazak;
        murat ialan, eulim kercak...
        kiun, ikindi akʃam olir;
        keur ki paʃa nelar kelir;
        ueisel kidar, adi kalir...

        Unfair & Uneven Worldfaring or 'Tourism'

        Hello, LondonParisTokyoSeoulNew YorkBarcelonaAmsterdamMilanViennaDublinMadridMunichToronto,

        Worldfarers they's an evil thing, both to the townsfolk, & world weather; indeed, it's also bad to whole world, when we think how the world, 'global', south, tho it got it as much wonder as Europe, if not more, like India & China, still it get so fewer worldfarers. This shouldn't be so, when neither the townsfolk should forget 'em their true town self, like London Cockneyness or Milan Lombardness, or Munich Bavarianness, nor it should keep shifted so much the weather by our unfair & hateful choosin' when on a plane here or there, never, however, to the folk's land, them's that'll deal the most with weather shift.

        Let's see, then, how this can be true. (The most visited cities around the world in 2017 - Business Insider),
        • Bangkok, Thailand
        • London, United Kingdom
        • Paris, France
        • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
        • Singapore
        • Tokyo, Japan
        • Seoul, South Korea
        • New York, United States
        • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
        • Hong Kong
        • Istanbul, Turkey
        • Barcelona, Spain
        • Amsterdam, Netherlands
        • Milan, Italy
        • Osaka, Japan
        • Taipei, Taiwan
        • Rome, Italy
        • Shanghai, China
        • Vienna, Austria
        • Prague, Czech Republic
        • Miami, United States
        • Los Angeles, United States
        • Chennai, India
        • Dublin, Ireland
        • Madrid, Spain
        • Munich, Germany
        • Mumbai, India
        • Toronto, Canada
        • Berlin, Germany
        • Johannesburg, South Africa
        About two thirds here in this list they's 'grown', or 'rich' lands, even without reckonin' us Singapore or Dubai or Prague or Taipei or Hong Kong. This shouldn't be at all. Them here towns they should be gettin' em 'Tourism', so they get back on their feet, make 'em wealth-ore, & show us their wonderful tongue & writing & songs & buildins & all other world things, (29 cities with the worst quality of life in the world | The Independent),
        No more sellin' yourself to others befit you, rich towns!—yall's wealthy enough already!

        Addendum — Let Them Write!

        DinkaSouth Sudan
        ra:n tok eben aie de:t ka lau nom kua toŋ ni:m eiiti:c, kua tekic, kua ci ieknietku puou, ku bik ceŋ ka ke ie mit etik.

        Sango, Central African Republic
        adu azo kue ianpa, nka ala linkpi tere na lege ti nenkotere na ti ankanku. ala kue auara ntara na poroli si ala linkpi ti duti na anpa ti ala gi na lenko sonko.

        piakiitika siku ibodzi, ndzizi ua nziala, baba ua paniunpa, akakala na nsanpo ua kukuata ukii nkiitonpa npafikira pakuku. ndzizi onsene akaua nziala, akapanka anakie kuti ntirikuenta kasuta dota pakuku. na tenepo, ankafika akakuata ntete npanfeka pansi padapisee ukii, npakakueua nauo ukii ule, na mulomo, ninka asadiadi dota. anakie akapiona pionsene pikakiita babao.

        Mandinka, The Gambia
        kapirin al:a ie da:feŋolu be dada:, a na:ta kuŋolu fana: pe dada: i ie. kapirin kun ta si:ta, da:feŋolu be ta:ta i kuŋolu ta. bari se:uo: le lapanta ka ta a kuŋo ta. pirin a pe po kan nan kun ta:dula to, a nin niankaro: penta silo: kan, uo fana: be ta kan a kuŋo ta kan. bitun niankaro: ie se:uo: niininka: ko, "kori kuŋolu man pan die?" se:uo: ko a ie ko, "kuŋolu men:u tuta die to, nte le fana: kuŋo nii:nia:ta uolu ti." niankaro: ko a ie ko, "uo te nte fana: fa:ta uolu la le." uo le ie a tin:a niankaro: man kuŋo soto.

        MendeSierra Leone
        numu uisia kpiale: ta ti le tia iia ntuuua ia hu, tao ti nuuu: iei kia ti luanii ma hiauunko. ki:ia kea hintaluahu gua:la a iialo ti hun. fale mahounkua ti ti niuaniohu hoi kia nte:ga:.

        Hausa, Niger
        su dai ianadam, ana haifuuarsu ne duka iantat:u, kuma kouan:ensu na da mutunkii da hak:oki daidai da na koua. suna da hankali da tunani, sapoda haka duk abin da za su aikata ua giuna, ia kamata si ii sii a kiikin ianuuankii.

        də baʃar tol afra:d a:za:d narai ta ra:zi au də haisiiat au huku:ko la palua sara bara:bar di. tol də akəl au uiʒda:n ha:uanda:n di au io la bal sara də uarorai pa ru:hiie sara ba:iad tʃaland kəri.

        uogii amegpetuauo kataŋ abluadebiuoe eie uodiena bubu kple gomekpuakpo suasoe. susu kple giikiinia le uua dometua desiade si eiata uogie be uoanua anii le dekauuauo blibo me.

        MossiBurkina Faso
        ninsa:lpaŋ faŋa sa n toke, net faŋa so a menka, net pa rokt ia ianp ie, nepaŋ faŋa sema ta:p p ielsekti la p purkintlem uia:nkeŋ. nepaŋ faŋa tara iam la taksko, net faŋa tokame n fi:nt ne a to sa:npi:r pukeŋ.

        in:ama a:de:gii fof poti, ntimdidi e giibinante to banke hal:e:gii. ebe nko:di mi:giio e hak:ilanta:gal ete ebe poti hu:fo ntirte e nter b iinkuium:a:gu.

        Haitian French ('Creole'), Haiti
        tut muŋ fet lip, ekal eko pu tiite ku ue tua. nu ken la rezoŋ ak la koŋsiaŋs epi nu fet pu nu aii iuŋ ak lot ak ioŋ lespri fuatenite. 

        namo:ti hundinu: birmadu: taani: mirga: fi ulfina:nis ualkit:e: taani: dalatan. sam:u: fi kalpi: it:i:n ia:dan ua:n u:mama:n ken:ame:d, hafu:ra op:olum:a:ti:n uali:uag:iin giira:kiu: kapu.

        Portuguese ('Creole'), Guinea Bissau
        tutu pek:atu:ris ta pati:tu lipri i ikua:l na palu:r suma na tirit:us. suma e tatu kap:as:ita:ti pensa, e tene tanpi konsiensia, e tipi trat:a nut:ru suma ermons.

        hadamaden bia damakianenen bia banke, danpe ni giosira la. hakili ni ta:si bu pia la, ua i ka kan ka badeniasira de ualeia u ni niuagon kia.

        sebei uiektieru zenmezat suetentre un ti sebeiko seman edikar ro mehetue co. nizeeruma uicarsekti ro seuicar boikoli nizeerule apestma bratritueko baunabat uieuear gernu perce.

        gpogpo eniian ni a pi ni ominira; iii ati iato kua:kan si duagpa. uan ni iapun ti la:kaiie ati ti iariuakan, o si iia ki uan o ma huua si ara uan giage pi uamo iia.