Third Epistle Gathering

On Our Southern Weather-Kind

Hello, dear NOAANational Weather ServiceAmerican Meteorological Society, & John Morales,

We must do away, for our southernmost weather-kinds, with the weather-times now mostly & wrongly thought & said as four—spring, summer, fall & winter—, & take in their stead the wet half-year or time & the other dry, that's it, pretty much. If we, us, however, we keep sillily talking here in the southernmost sunbelt about untrue, unsooth, unbeing weather-times that mean so little & almost nothing for us, then we'd be turning folks away from what we often like to call 'science'—when in truth for us here, like in Miami, etc., the true & utter & utmost South from West to East, the weather is & was drier & wetter time only & alone, that is, the heat itself won't much shift from month to month nor even from half-year to half-year, or, weather-time. If we keep, in truth, then, & indeed, we keep in such dumbness & unwisdom, not only them but us ourself, even if we ourself the truth we know us it well.

So, what is in each side or half-land the truth? Well, over all, we can draw us it up like this,
  • in wetter lands (The South South, like, Brownsville, Texas & Miami, Florida, mainly, but also, Puerto RicoGuam, & others outside the southeastern coolspot (so, somewhat much of Texas, & the Atlantic strand))
    • may to october, six > wet
    • november to march, six > dry
  • in drier lands (Los Angeles, Cali & somewhat the whole Pacific strand, like, Seattle)
    • may to september, five> dry 
    • october to april, seven > wet
  • in drylands (the Southwest, like, Las Vegas, Nevada, & Phoenix, Arizona)
    • april to june, three > dry
    • march to july, nine > wet

On Worded Reckoning

Hello, dear American Chemical SocietyNational Academy of SciencesDepartment of Energy & American Mathematical Society,

Us, above all, for widest reckoning knowledge, we must begin with the smallest & groundishest things, but when children get thrown at 'em all them silly tokens & hindu-marks, we get nowhere, even more as, if we think us about the whole world, many folk reckon by twelve or twenty, not ten, but not only that, when also most should the children they mostly should learn 'em things thru speech for the swiftest & strongest learning & brain-wise strong keeping. Thus, i wish to show you here now a times-table, now others, the grounds in now-writing, all else in clean speech-writing (showing you our own widest speech, not London's, nor Manchester's.)

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On an English 'Biology'

Hello, dear American Chemical SocietyNational Academy of SciencesWorld Wildlife Fund, & American Institute of Biological Sciences,
'Biology''s end is (or, has been, or rather, shouldn't be) utterly othering us everything black, womanly, crippled, & queer thru even more our fake-healing black-witchcraft (most 'pharmaceutics') & harming on all wildlife, &, needless to say, the greek-latin-sprung word-load.
As before i's said, to you, well, "chemistry", or, shift-lore, is the ground-knowledge truly it is, that with it we get us both "biology" & "geology," &, needless to say, the "climate", which it's too sad that folks mostly don't get 'em it, & so, we get still we get us all this here unknowing, too, if you ax me, wide & filthy, in truth, in truth, as they keep foulin' 'em their own land, now, & worse, even, for all the world folk, since, tho we forgot too often, the gases, or, breaths (light coal, which you cannot nor smell, nor see, without weird craft), will fly & keep in the weather, thruout the world, & even, in their path, make it go up the steam & methane, in feedback loops. Not anyway, long tale short, here i'll again make us a good list, a wordbook, a life-wordbook,

Let's start with the beginning, "biology", the knowledge-kind's name,
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On the Cripple's Right & an English 'Psyche'

Hello, dear American Association of People with Disabilities, & U.S. Department of Health & Human Services,

Since we all, as former or ongoing sickwomen & sickmen, or rather mightily crippled folk, that is, head-wise, us we can & do keep us the right not to care for out-sickhouse bane-giving, & silly unwisdom—since it come from the unholy mouth, the fake healer's―i do therefore here not only, as i has been doing, me, i here turn english, do us so for all folk from the latin-greek first thing, but also make us here a rather helpful drink-list so that folk'll heal 'em their mind sooner & most wisely,
  • Tea
  • Coffee 
  • Ginger
  • Linden
  • Chamomile
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon
  • Hard Drink
Let you, you that is thirsting for wide truth & fairness, get better, but not thru the fake healer! This is the word from me, that i's telling you, a former handled & bothered so-called sickman, to you whether sound or mightily crippled—since time & dole must hand out aches & woes, yet stronger speech always above rose. Pretty much.
This being so needed & weighty a thing, i'll give here, as well, the Spanish turning us 'cripple' way—torpe or desmañado. (them here however ain't good borrowings descapacitado or deshabilitado). & the drink-list in Spanish,
  • Café
  • Jengibre
  • Tilo
  • Manzanilla
  • Menta
  • Limón
  • Alcohol
note needless to say, Coffee is good for 'depression', & 'hyperactivity'. children is helped by it, not harmed. anyway, all the drinks can & should be took as together-things, or one then the other, even more for the 'bi-polar'; hard drinks is for lulling any soul or sickness. II for the harder knowledge-kinds, & their englishings, see my Handy Craft-Wordbook & Epistle on an English 'Biology', that its words i won't here again talk 'bout nor nothin' like 'em. III i hope 'epileptics' don't mind here called 'mad'; otherwise, they's overall cripples, & many don't like 'em that either, so you never win. IIII '...' is for ditto, not ellipsis. needless to say, this englishing or epistle can be a 'reference' for not only 'psychiatry' & 'mental health', but also many, many fields. VI only them with 'organic' or 'degenerative disease' or 'neuropathy' should get psych meds, not otherwise healthy folk—Big Pharma & their quack-gang (APA & NAMI) don't wanna help folk, only sell. VII to make you the lemon drink, it's needed for you to empty you it out its half with a spoon, then on that took out, throw it that in, seething water.

Let's start! Psychiatry,
Soul-sickness lore
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On IPCC Englished

 Hello, dear IPCC,

You englished truly done it is the only godsend.

note needless to say, 'weather' here is either short (the english meaning), long ('climate'), or a shift or kind ('climate change'). II greenhouse is a bad likening, so 'hothouse' better. III i beg you to see you, for more & up-making grounds (Mandarin), Handy Craft-WordbookIIII the IPCC ain't the be-all nor end-all, only a together-thing, what many wisewomen & men made & learned, that is, a book-gathered thing from much others. the United Nations nor any 'scientist' should take 'anno domini' as given nor meaningful—one must say 'christian', &c., not keep us that one belief as rather unmarked. VI 'breath(-layer)' don't mean you smell you everything, needless to say, as, indeed, most 'breaths' ('gases') can't be, nor seen (unlike 'fog', something wholly else). VII '...' is for ditto, not ellipsis. VIII 'fuel poverty' is a dumb british thing & meaningless now if you keep you out draft, & get you new a weathermaker, or clothe you well. VIIII needless to say, every 'ring' here (in a meaning beyond its thing, duh), can be 'wheel'. (turning us 'cycle'.) i's calling 'Britain' 'Welshland', as it never was the englishfolk's, only welshfolk's & cornwall folk's, (Scots & Manx had lost 'em their tongue, & rather learned 'em Irish & English.) XI i didn't turn me 'pH', as it's only sourness or bitterness, nothing more. It's a needless word. XII most 'itself''s here is 'first or afforded undergoer' or 'dative' (& yes, 'reflexive'); this strongly settle us the deedword's doingness, from lifeless thing, 'it-', to/on another.

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,
> (Amongheadshiped) Weather-Shift Team
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New-Wrote 'Bill of Rights' — For the Unbrainwashed & Writingless Folk Talking in Western or Widest English

Hello, dear Supreme Court,

If this might at all be some liking or caring to you, then let you have you it & read.

note this ain't to leave us unmarked & untold how sick & misbehaved &, needless to say, unfit the new 'justice', or, deemer, (b.... ....naugh) is

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Epistle on the Bible's Unsightly & Dull Writing

Hello dear VaticanChristianity TodayConstantinople, & World Jewish Congress,

It is the only truth, when we's unblinded ourselves from yore-days shackling us down to same thoughts about the writerliness of it, it is alone true indeed that the Bible is a shitty heap, as its writing-kind or way or 'style' is the worst, &—by the olden law that handsomeness is holy, or at least, rather near being so—, them books is nothing more than an awful draft by little minds, that is, the olden Hebrews. Put you it, on the other hand, next to great Greek & Roman work, this being speech-filled & manifold in manifold ways, & having itself deep meaning spread out in well tidied words—far all this from the Bible's oversparingness.

Therefore, i hope you think you this deeply & choose to end you right now all belief in this silly Bible. Every Bible & every Tanakh should be burned & forgot—in their stead, we can have us for reading, teaching & godliness, & yes, Godhead's being & the need for it, & its kinship to us, we can instead have & hold us dearer & mightier either own books in our tongues now alive & well understood, or rather, China's, India's, or other folk's works (maybe even them dead & olden, like Sumer's, & Hittite, & Greek-Roman).

note by Bible, i mean mostly the 'Old Testament', or, Hebrew Bible, or 'Tanakh'. But also somewhat the 'New Testament'. II here is a spring to back me this up even more, 'The Bible's literary sins | Books | The Guardian', & 'On Biblical Style | Tod Linafelt -'. III i think the Quran might be good, but i hasn't cared to read me it. But I do know Arabic overall was wonderful, as it often was Greek turned into it, or rather lustful.

Follow-Up — New Thoughts on Bible Hebrew's Maybe Loveliness

Hello, dear Reform Judaism,

While i did say before, under the header, '...The Bible's Unsightly...Writing...', nonetheless, we can look at Hebrew in a more & rather cleanly backbringing way, or rather, 'linguistic', 'empirical' somewhat, & 'reconstructed'. This all'd mean us reading us it in a smoother way, as we's learned to do with Greek & Latin, that is, not gleaming back neither another tongue nearby nor more liked, like Aramaic, or German, or, Yiddish. Thus, let's start with the writing marks & their only meaning, & same too,

note this meaning, needless to say, no softenings, & to go with worldwide oftenness, no throaty speech, beyond 'q' (most Jewish folk cannot say 'em them all anyway) II also, that we shouldn't write us hebrew ever in hebrew 'script', as it's truly Aramaic, & thus utterly silly. Otherwise, you as Jews godly you can choose you the 'paleo-hebrew', being the truth truly, first writing-wise. III to go with overall semitic, only 'i' 'u', not 'e~ə' 'o'. IIII overall, there should never be a 'period' or 'dot' before 'and', or, the 'vav', since this'd cut us the flow. ai < a:ii
  • ∅ ~ V ~ : < alef ~ ayin
  • b < bet
  • g < gimel 
  • d < dalet
  • h ~ ∅ < he ~ het
  • u < vav
  • z < zayin
  • t < tet ~ tav
  • i < yod
  • k < kaf
  • l < lamed
  • m < mem
  • n < nun
  • p < pe
  • c < tsadi
  • q < qof
  • r < resh
  • ʃ < shin
  • s < sin ~ samekh
Now, Genesis 1, 

bi risit bara iluhim it haʃ:amaim ui it haaric, ui haaric haita tuhu ua buhu, ui huʃik al pini tihum, ui ruah iluhim mirahipit al pini ham:aim, ua iiumir iluhim, "ihi ur," ua ihi ur, ua iiar iluhim it haur ki tub, ua iiabdil iluhim bin haur u bin hahusik, ua iiqra iluhim l aur 'ium', ui la huʃik qara 'laila', ua ihi irib ua ihi buqir ium ihad, ua iiumir iluhim, "ihi raqia bi tuk ham:aim, u ihi mabdil bin maim la maim", ua iiaas iluhim it haraqia ua iiabdil, bin ham:aim aʃir mit:ahat l araqia, u bin ham:aim aʃir mial l araqia, ua ihi kin, ua iiqra iluhim l araqia 'ʃamaim', ua ihi irib, ua ihi buqir ium ʃini, ua iiumir iluhim, iiq:auu ham:aim mit:ahat haʃ:amaim il maqum ihad, ui tirai haiiab:aʃa, ua ihi kin, ua iiqra iluhim l aiiab:aʃa iric, u li miqui ham:aim qara 'iam:im', ua iiar iluhim ki tub, ua iiumur iluhim, "tadʃi haaric diʃi, isib mazria, zira ic, piri usi piri li minu, aʃir zar:u bu al haaric," ua ihi kin, u at:tuci haaric diʃi isib mazria zira li minihu, ui ic uʃi piri aʃir zaru bu li minihu, ua iiar iluhim ki iluhim ki tub, ua ihi irib ua ihi buqir ium ʃiliʃi, ua iiumir iluhim, "ihi miurut bi rqia haʃ:amaim, li habdil bin haiium u bin hal:aila, ui haiu li utut, u li muadim, u li iamim ui ʃanim, ui haiu li m:urut bi rqia haʃ:amaim, li hair al haaric", ua ihi kin, ua iiaas iluhim it ʃini ham:iurut hag:idulim, ham:aur hag:adul li mimʃilit haiium, ui it ham:aur haq:atun li mimʃilit hal:aila, ui it hak:ukabim, ua iit:tin utam iluhim bi rqia haʃ:amaim, li hair al haaric, ui li mʃul b aiium u b al:aila, u la habdil, bin haur, u bin hahuʃik, ua iiar iluhim ki tub, ua ihi irib ua ihi buqir ium ribii, ua iiumir iluhim, "iiʃricu ham:aim ʃiric nipiʃ haiia, ui up iiupip al haaric, al pini riqia haʃ:amaim," ua iibra iluhim hat:an:inim hag:aidulim ui it kal nipiʃ hahaiia harumisit aʃir ʃaricu ham:aim li minihim, ui it kal up kanap li minihu, ua iiar iluhim ki tub, ua ibarik utam iluhim, l imur, "piru u rbu u mil:u it ham:aim b aiiam:im, ui haup iirib b aaric, ua ihi irib ua ihi buqir ium hamiʃi, ua iiumir iluhim, "tuci haaric nipiʃ haiia li mina, bihima, ua rimis ui haitu iric li mina", ua ihi kin, ua iiaas iluhim it haiiat haaric li mina ui it hab:ihima li mina ui it kal rimis haadama li minihu, ua iiar iluhim ki tub, ua iiumir iluhim, naasi adam bi calminu ki dmutinu, ui irdu bi dgat haiiam u bi up haʃ:amaim u bab:ihima u bi kal haaric, u bi kal harimis harumis al haaric, ua iibra iluhim it haadam, bi salmu bi cilim iluhim bara utu, zakar u niqiba bara utam, ua ibarik utam iluhim ua iiumir lahim iluhim, "piru u ribu u mil:u it haaric, ui kibʃuha, u rdu bi dgat haiiam u bi up haʃ:amaim, u bi kal haiia harumicit al haaric", ua iiumir iluhim, "hin:i, natat:i lakim it kal isib zuria zira, aʃir al pini kal haaric, ui it kal haic, aʃir bu piri ic zuria, zara lakim iihii li akla, u li kal haiiat haaric u li kal up haʃ:amaim u li kul rumis al haaric, aʃir bu nipiʃ haiia, it kal iiriq isib li akla," ua ihi kin, ua iiar iluhim it kal aʃir asa, ui hin:i, tub miud, ua ihi irib ua ihi buqir ium haʃ:iʃ:i.

Follow-Up — Twenty Third & Hundred Forty Eighth Psalms in a Backbuilt Hebrew

Hello again, dear Reform Judaism,

The header speak by itself. Anyway, this ain't meant to be no thorough thing, so it's more or less, what i want or it should be, as tongue backbuilding or backbringing, some 'reconstructing', for soonest teaching—fleeting mistakes overflow & weirdness for good, now, all.

note i reach to yall, yall being the more left. but yall needa stop backing all new zion evil towners, stop backing you the zion thing, the evil endless misdeed stream, & its dumb christfolk backers thinking armageddon's coming. Yall is sell outs, & i think many Jewish folk'd know 'em that well; still, yall's the more left, anyway.

Twenty Third Psalm

     HAΣIM rui—
lu ihsar; bi nut diʃi iarbicini 
al mi minuhut iinahalini. 

napʃi iiʃubib; ianhini bi mag:ili cidiq, 
li maan ʃimu, gam, ki ilik bi gi calauit, 
lu ira ra, ki at:a im:adi ʃibtka u miʃ:antika 
     iinahamuni him:a. 

taaruk li panai ʃulhan nigid curirai;
diʃ:anta b aʃ:imin ruʃi; kusi riuaia.
ak tub ua hisid iirdipuni kal iimi haiiai,
ui ʃabti bibit HAΣIM li urik iamim.

Hundred Forty Eighth Psalm 

     hal:ilu KA—
hal:ilu it HAΣIM min haʃ:amaim,
hal:iluhu b am:irumim.

hal:iluhu kal mal:akau, hal:iluhu kal cibau,
hal:iluhu ʃimiʃ ui iaria,hal:iluhu kal kukbi ur,
hal:iluhu ʃimi haʃ:amaim, ui ham:aim, 
     aʃir mial haʃ:amaim—
iihal:ilu it ʃim HAΣIM, ki hu ciuua ui nibrau,
ua iaamidim laad li ulam haq natan ui lu iaabur—,
hal:ilu it HAΣIM min haaric, tan:inim, ui kal tihumut,
iʃ, u barad, ʃilig ui qitur, ruah ciara, usa dibaru.
hiharim, ui kal gibaut, iʃ piri, ui kal arazim.
hahaiia ui kal bihima; rimis, ui cip:ur kanap.
malki iric, ui kal li um:im; rim ui kal supti aric;
bahurim, ui gam bitulut; ziuinim, im niarim iihal:ilu
it ʃim HAΣIM, ki nisgab; ʃimu li bad:u hudu,
al iric ui ʃamaim, ua iarim qirin li am:u,
tihil:a li kal hasidau; libni israil, am qirubu—
     hal:ilu KA.