Epistle on Weather Clothes or How Clothes Should Be for Weather Not for Wealth-Tokening Nor for 'Work'

Hello, dear Climate Reality Project, TreeHugger, EPA, & UNFCCC,

In a heatbelt ('tropical'), sea-height land, hardly any clothes at all is alone right & good; outside the heatbelt, summer call for hardly any, winter for thickest layers; lastly, in the heatbelt highlands, the yearlong spring or winter call for some thick layers, needless to say, yearlong. If us however, in our long & europe-hearted silliness, we keep wearing us clothes not right for what we got us weather-wise, then what ground behaving we's ever gonna shift towards greenness, needless to say, when this itself this is or should be, the most ground-thing?

We can see us in the way two things—one, wealth/standing-tokening, 'status symbols', as this is what clothes wanna do us, and how us we turn us them into 'fetish', into worshiped things, so sillily, to make like we's something bigger or wealthier; the other, 'work', or what like to call us 'work', it being something that under it you must do as you's told. Now, the first thing we can show us how it's silly from the start, rather soon, & more than readily, but the next, that about 'work', it's only true for some folks, not for most, even more as many folks wear 'em 'work' clothes, where there ain't no work, like folks going to a friendly, idle meeting in them 'suits' and so forth or in hardly anything, if it's inside heated.

Thus, to end, how you end you bad behaving—this, us worshiping us, 'fetish', the indoor weathermaker, & its clothes, so uninborn to one weather, so often, so reckless, so mindless, as to be by itself almost half the weather-shift start, both straightly and unstraightly 'directly'? To the 'judge', the (law-)deemer, here in Florida, or anywhere—you look dumb. To another in a colder land—you needa put you on some more layers. That's the true dumbarse, both in dealing with the weather shift ('climate change' & 'urban heat island effect'), & overall wealth unevenness, since wealth is half token, half truth—it's her or him that won't shed 'em or don 'em the right clothes.

note needless to say, when dealing with utmost rain or sunshine, all folks gotta put 'em on tough layers (mainly 'plastic/polyester', claything-clothes). II 'work' is also 'school'. III miami/south florida is heatbelt, even if a bit above the heatbelt line.
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