Colombia Opening Venezuelan Migrants Camp — Fox/AP News as Mini-Epic

Colombia opens camp for Venezuela migrants as exodus swells

Colombian authorities moved homeless Venezuelan migrants to a soccer field filled with yellow tents and cots Tuesday, as the number of migrants fleeing their nation's economic and humanitarian calamity continues to rise.
here read/sung thru (it's at night, so my throat went cool & soft, not truly epic, i guess)

Colombian authorities moved the homeless
Venezuelan migrants to a soccer field
Filled with yellow tents & cots Tuesday,
As the numbered migrants fleein their
Nation's calamaties has risen now.
The first migrant camp for the Venezuelans
In Colombia's capital sparked a protest
From residents, that said they feared their
New neighbors'd bring crime, disease—the
Latest hinted escalatin' tensions thru
Out the region over the Venezuela
Crisis. "They want to ruin our commun'ties!"
A man cried out from his balcony that there
Overlooked the tent field, & he switched to
English, hateful* yelled, "Welcome to the jungle!".
Colombian officials'd been reluctant
To set up refugee-style camps, even while
Similar sites hath been created at the
Ecuador's border with Peru & in the
Brazil. The new camp is modeled after some
Temporary refugee settlement for
Syrian arrivals in France. Author'ties fear
Camps could turn into permanent fixtures &
Hinder Venezuelans from integratin
Into society—but with over one
Million Venezuelans livin now,
Colombia officials said they hadn't no
Choice, but to offer destitute migrants tents .
"It ain't nothin else left to do," she said now
Cristina Velez, Bogota's secret'ry
For social integration. The migrants took
To the camp they'd been livin now in some park
Outside a bus station, the conditions then
Considered a potential public health threat.
Families with young children was livin cramped
'Gether along railroad tracks & cookin food
Over makeshift fires. Many they'd reached that town
Bogota after long walks by foot, & they
Didn't have enough money to rent 'em some
Room. Velez said Colombian officials talked
With their counterparts in Paris over Webs
To determine to make a temp'rary camp,
& settle on a model that'd keep the
Families together, while sund'rin single
Men & women into sep'rate tents. Migrants
'll be let to keep at the camp for up to
Three months & they'll get given information
On accessin education & health care.
Th'  initial capacity for the camp'll
Be five hundred people, tho Velez said then
Officials'll evaluate whether some
More permanent fixture is needed. "Slowly
We's goin, when all hath changed very quickly,"
She said. The current exodus from Venezuela
Began in mid two thousand fifteen & hath
Climbed steadily as Venezuelans
Deal with cripplin hyperinflation, food &
Medicine shortages, & much crime. Per the
United Nations, two dot three million hath
Fled in the last three years alone. Colombia
Hath took more migrants than any other land
At a time when it is already tacklin
So many domestic issues includin
Surgin coca production & fragile peace
Processes with leftist rebels. Them come
So many Venezuelans hath sparked hateful,
Xenophobic attacks thruout the region.
Last month, some Venezuelans livin at the
Colombia capital said a mob beat some
Man to death & ransacked their homes, &
Shouted slurs against foreigners, & in the
Brazil, violence erupted after a local
Storeowner was stabbed & beat, & they's blamin
Venezuelan migrants. As officials then
Transported the Venezuelans to this new
Camp in Bogota, a dozen wrathful res'dents stood
Before a gate, & they attempted blockin
Their arrival, & some residents in a large new
Condominium sat on their balconies now
Overlookin a field with yellow tents & cots &
They photographed. Several they said they was
Mad officials hadn't gave 'em advance then
Notice, while & others they was worried that
Venezuelans'd take 'em their jobs. "I'll be
Left with nothin," she said, Esperanza Contreras,
Sixty years old, that sell folks grilled corn & said
She feared Venezuelans willin to work now
For less'd steal her customers; still even
Others complained Colombia officials then
Chose a field prone to floodin, & expressed 'em
Worry about sanitary conditions for the
Several hundred migrants sharin 'em ten
Portable toilets. They said officials should do more
To work out that migrants hath 'em access
To safe water, food & jobs. "Not even the
Animals should be there!", she said, Giovanna
Sanchez, thirty five years old, & she shouted
Into a microphone outside the camp, but
Venezuelans arrivin at the camp said
They was jolted by the protest. "I feel less
Safe from what I's seein outside," one man said.
"They don't want us here." As they completed
With a registration process & made 'em
Their way toward the tents, many said they felt
Deceived by authorities who'd promised 'em
Show'rs, food. Ivonne Jaimes, twenty seven years
Old, she cried as she sat on a cot with her
One-year-old son, wondered when she could bathe 'im.
She feared they'd end up spendin more money now
Livin at the camp, since there they ain't let to
Cook inside. "I feel trapped here," she was sayin.

songfoot x x / x x / x x / x — / —. needless to say, some lines is under or over the right reckoning, since this was hurried.

*it's so evil that he yelled so, & in truth, it show how white trash ain't only them dumb arses here in America & Europe, but anywhere there's too much pride & hate. That same way, not all Mexicans is good, not all Colombians; where's the black & dark hide-hue on Telemundo, & Univision? Where's the queers & the needy folk & the cripples? NOWHERE. The same in India, & elsewhere. Who's a minority & who ain't ain't so black & white; that's the big, big thing. At the heart, where we find us this most grounded, it's hue alone, the speech, the behavin, the many evil tokens, whether in one belief or another, whether in one hue-breed or another—there's always a truth beyond them here, & that's love more truly & kindness. 

note i went with Fox/AP's words mostly, but 'migrant' is (or should be) a farer, or comer, or goer, 'refugee' a fleer. (there should be) No need for Latin words, nor French. 'Foreigner' is an outlander, tho some folks, maybe, could wrongly find 'em the word a bit raw (?).