Epistle on Our Southern Weather-Kind

Hello, dear NOAA, National Weather Service, American Meteorological Society, & John Morales,

We must do away, for our southernmost weather-kinds, with the weather-times now mostly & wrongly thought & said as four—spring, summer, fall & winter—, & take in their stead the wet half-year or time & the other dry, that's it, pretty much. If we, us, however, we keep sillily talking here in the southernmost sunbelt about untrue, unsooth, unbeing weather-times that mean so little & almost nothing for us, then we'd be turning folks away from what we often like to call 'science'—when in truth for us here, like in Miami, etc., the true & utter & utmost South from West to East, the weather is & was drier & wetter time only & alone, that is, the heat itself won't much shift from month to month nor even from half-year to half-year, or, weather-time. If we keep, in truth, then, & indeed, we keep in such dumbness & unwisdom, not only them but us ourself, even if we ourself the truth we know us it well.

So, what is in each side or half-land the truth? Well, over all, we can draw us it up like this,