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On How Spoke Roman or Vulgar Latin Shifted Hello, dear Language Log,

While you may not be great learners of this, nonetheless, it is so worthy of our care much deeper that should be truly. You see, there was endless things bothersome about Latin, yet kept, as it was learned, only learned, more so after the Republic, that is, with the Caesars. Why? Well, Latin must have been a prettied up kind of Roman speech, much unlike what the Romans in truth was speaking or the other of italy's folk nearby. We know this not only from the new roman tongues, but from the oldest speech-kinds of italy & the roman world.

The first thing to get is that the latin plural "genitive" or owner-fall was too marked, that is, -a:rum, -o:rum, -(i)um. However, this wasn't so always, as -o(:)rum could be too -u(:)m, but not often, & even that woulda been mashed with the "accusative" or undergoer-fall -um. Therefore, it woulda been only most needed to find some other way, at lea…

Handy Craft-Wordbook

'Chemistry''Math''Legislative Terms' 'Englishes'Germania Worded Reckoning'Biology''Psychiatry''IPCC''Bill of Rights' "We must make up new words...mostly going with Mandarin."note '...' is for ditto, not ellipsis.
ΣIFT LƏRNƏN ~ 'Chemistry'(Thrown in -ness(-es) whenever needed, e.g., sourness, that we can gadly make more, as in sournesses, or instead, thing(-s), as in sour-thing, or sour-things, likewise & they can took out -th or -ing, or shift word, I~A, as in heat~hot.)

springBasic Chemistry Vocabulary List
utter might-reckoning < absolute temperature utter naught-reckoning < absolute zero almost-truth < accuracy sour < acid sour-dry < acid anhydride quickened mishmash < activated complex quickening might < activation energy quickness row < acitivity series true ... < actual yield more-making back-answer < addition reaction sticking < adsorption strong-drink…