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TO GOODMAN DORSEY Greetins, Goodman Dorsey,

i hope yu kno your web-room, whare folks can together speak & happily befrend each uther, has too many a bad thing—first, whut shood be a weblog? a weblog is whare we can write us out our thoughts, neither to wurry bout uthers unlikin us our things. that wa, for that, mabe yu shood make it frum the start a mind-spot, whare the mind shall go frum life to the wide-web-room or cloud. for this to be so, much uf whut yor web-room ('twitter') now's givin us is beyond whut's needed—the wurd-stoppin ('character limit'), the answers ('replies'), & the big token ('banner'), &c. indeed, yes, them things is in truth drivin minds awa frum deep, own self-thought toward throng-thought & folk-meanniss, that, wharas it wooda helpt & still dus uther mediums, such as the farsight-box—that salesmen alone it has cared to gladden—however, in our da greater freedums shood be settled & grounded for th…