The Somewhat Olden-Speeched Blossom-Gathering

Mayest not mar so sickly Earth in shamefully hatred,
Nor on and the grass of his lay long stone to little wain,
That so ungreenness whereof and greatest is utter too!

To Mark Zuckerberg, Anent Steven Pinker

The Enlightenment Is Working Don’t listen to the gloom-sayers. The world has improved by every measure of human flourishing over the past two centuries, and the progress continues, writes Steven Pinker.
Mark, Steven Pinker so is joke. Leaveth utter threat
From weather and shifted, work automated ever more.
Now is folk the reckon'd higher, more well, than ever, so
Even helpless. His metrics are bad, such an and new
So Ebola, with and nighest Great Zika could and be,
Also even an of heat wave, needless to betell so.
How then anent Great China? never was so ever and might.
Even now hangeth all above and folk and War a greatest.

Trump Infrastructure

Trump’s infrastructure plan may ignore climate change. It could be costly. Trump wants to spend $1.5 trillion on rebuilding roads and bridges, but failing to account for climate change will add to costs.
Park had as and with green space is the well and better apt thing
Throughout strand the good and for climatic and deathiness stopp'd,
Carlos oh Gimenez, since building there bad anymore.

Response to the School Shot

Breedeth mighty suburbia the antisocial ever so,
Media him paranoid. Beest with a humanity!

Evil is and whereof all stem in and the suburbia is still.
Parkland shall see what wortheth thence—her marreth utmost.

This Murcan mustest withstand bad normaller and made,
Stem whereof is so in the sicker Wain and steady worship'd.

This so and widest thing on and top of and ev'ry else thing,
When the utter th' environ utterly lacketh public and place.
Concrete, asphalt can no longer than a God worship'd
Or than self—greed so hath an antisocial ever bred.

Too, mayest stoppest medicated Children ever more!
Well, what if and He not, not sickly yet traumatized?

Ownership so of gun an and is utter ready sickness.
March for our Lives
Floridan and auto segregated about silly exurb
Must shut up and let true victim, an early in act.

Climate Change

Through folk not steady melt the fire, ever tread
Stone, break iron should at all the Earth anymore.

Progress and Peril Energy, Environment, Science, Fear
This thinking badder is the old silly way—
Most green folk the is and all up for a well shar'd
World, and wot well of and that unfair of wealth.
Furthermore, that any energy may use
More frightful, silly thy the robot at work.

Oh dumb Rick Perry, Shale never shall ov'rcome!—
But, my friend, efficient what is rather shall.
Thee liest well alone, when and lookest at
That Trump his chilly home metropolis none
Is Texan, nor at all some indussrial park.
EPA, then allow'st ever the and why
Salesman from th' innussry o' car th' ever foul?

New Times, fact—ev'ry road scam is, th' ever yet,
Symptom th' of capital maddest ever yet,

But greenway rather and foot of path alone good, E'en hallmark ever of communityness.

Concrete thee shall all and shut, unbefree too.
Asphalt thee bethralleth yes even and more.
Worstest yet metal is what and quicker choketh.

Thou, who art not a thing of and a business,
Needest not minivan, pickup Truck and nor
SUV—whatever the need, afoot should'st.
Oh Mayor Gimenez, bus is th' on own lane,
Even so as a train trackless yes even.
¡No nos gastes a nos más este tiempo!

Please, Rick Scott the head of the Floridan state,
Mayest make a good and area Conchland,
Greener, well natural, for all—the new park.

climate action = (reduce)(reuse)(recycle)
McDonald's, if utter carest anent Earth,
Should'st then stop utter sellest o' meat lest.

EPA, not a growth of only short term
Mayest shield, as an and death and afoot now.
Oh Pruitt, dummy, may anon all and thine
End now baneful ever rotten the headship.

In Memoriam

Oh greatest Stephen the Hawking, well so thine in all and
Heart an ever mind quick, while Wisdom or and steady Truth here
So findeth here abode, on Earth. Mayest quickly tow'rd naught!

Cherokee Tongue in Google Translate

Google, please, it is and sad that Nation Cherokee his
Tongue be not here! Folk should be proud so o' the homeland,
Her well history and great Original Habitants. Please! 

To Jeff Sessions, Anent Alcohol

Hello, dear Master Folk, this tell thee—

"Stop, stop! May young man drink his so alcoholic drink,
That decentest maid under that moon gladder and so
Blithe and drunk! Seest not that harm most that steady mak'st
Through so age-hateful,that carnage of alcohol and law?
What then is alcohol?…a drug that soothes soul, better and than
So any psychiatrist with dear polypharmacy in world.
May everybody gather, together friend, kin, lover and new,
'Bout humble whiskey, so for sake of steady Wisdom

Sincerely hope that listenest, lettest that everybody strongly drink.


God is greatest!…but please, mayest nor to Him and pray.


If thy child have so and autism, and hypperactive
Be, mayest care lest medicatest!…learn, love—utter tea.

Basic Income

The Oligarchs’ ‘Guaranteed Basic Income’ Scam Don’t buy the oily declarations from the tech billionaires and others that they want to help you survive financially. What they want is to more fully stuff their own pockets.
Chris Hedges, income, thou, basic but welfare is and best.


Wikipedia — Societal attitudes...
In th' Islam, to the gay hate from Victorian and way.

Murcan Oligopolistic Mishmash (in Hexameters)

WalmartHome DepotTargetSteelViacomExxon,
Wendy'sBank of MurcaLittle Caesar'sWells Fargo,
LockheedHutDisneyVerizonPfizerPapa John's,
Southwest AirGeneralValeroConoco Phill.

A New Manifold Log or Earth Day

Fast well for the sick Earth, that all and acheth, steady smarteth,
After an and heavily evil done still steady thereto.
Three-watch of and some hunger is even naught, at all and when
Man hath so much deadly, utter filth brought everywhere now.
Inside then much felt an utterly need to well and stop
Unwisdom, whereof and the still is sick token everywhere,
(But mayest listen and take deep in of and steady thine heart
Each which wiser word, for a world, well an and everywhere truth,
Even as and it wortheth utter bad, what fully rotten.)
Still still in and me groweth every hope for some amid filth
Born greendom more mighty anew truly—otherwise hot
All whereso is sadly. In and each still bit o' shame old.

The Longest Dry Monsoon

Here now Miami much—summer begun not—
Raineth not enough and awake well and wet.
Came yet down well as oft the sleep, such and then,
Slept, and now well awake this end little song,
Even which to the Great Catullus is most.
Mine howso worry is the health of Earth dear,
Now too sick from a filth, a gas number that
Riseth blithe to the high, that all well and should
Keep warm, but that a bane o' this man is now,
When heat now besetteth little man and worse.
Yet here mighty am in better which and word
Green utmost forever from it that is hope,
Such that not ever and any unupright
Worth, lest new bedevil her Earth which is kind.


Sick capital driveth thee toward and sickliest end,
When forget'st the little man—none ever hath a dime.
Why? Belookest neither her that maiden, lacketh utmost
Still penny even. Well? Art ugly, worse steady worth'st.

To the Psychiatric-Iudicial-Pharmaceutical-Media-Industrial Complex II

Sick sick world this when so much might wealth one in and place,
Such that not a yeller 

Write to the mighty seller...
Tea for all and soul is best for healing but steady workest
With the judge and silliest 

After a thing chilliest.
Judge, why goest still as if of good so at all and when
Only bureaucracy art 

Thou. The belov'd any heart?
More only arcane thing, which namest some sicking utmost,
When th' utter and lie seeth 

So any nose as aneath.
"News! News!", shout ever is when that twofold sham evermore—
First mistaught the clever, 

Then capital sought ever.
For yon of all dale home makest the which is metal and that
Should'st be greatest friend—

Thee is an and quickly end.

The Most Beautiful Verse Yet to Earth Mother II 

Earth the best ever the truth,
His endless too green swathe all,
Cuba her much endless strand―
Wherefore then not seest? Or and
How the gas so strong not fall
Maketh, but riseth in sooth

To the high high high where sheet
Wortheth strongest ever then,
For a woe anew to folk
Worthen such that write that yoke
Now too great is worthen―ten
Year more is but flooded street.

Infoplease — Global Warming

Global warming is the more
Risen heat of Earth his wind
Nether, after risen too
Greenhousely gas from the rue
Of business greatest, but sinn'd.
Otherwise th' name—shifted door.

Seesome light to Earth doth come,
Through the gassy sheet, indeed,
Which carbo 's dioxide 's most.
When th' neath-red beam later boast,
Riseth to th' empty by need,
But fall'n bewarmeth thee some.

Molten ice, and risen sea,
More the strand and flooded all,
Water no more even then,
Which on ice hangeth but ten
Year bringeth less food, and wall
Of tropic sick—war for thee.

Start to all this is but this—
Carbo, petroleum much
Burneth, burneth, even wood
His land down cut, not not good,
Out of dung the methane such,
And on Tundra warmest kiss.
Too needful, but rightful too
Is that whoso choose well can,
Wherefore Greendom shall and fight
For a law of every light,
New way too for little Man
That well chide headship untrue.

Everybody worthy always well
Is of every thing good and,
Such that no good is hate by
Hue, wealth, kind, love, year, folk, high
Or not might, witchcraft—may stand
Naught in way of fair, not sell!

Greendom teacheth well to who
So that Man of th' world is whole,
Such that behooveth thee that
Makest good tilth, not be shat
All the Earth, that can not thole
This much energy—such rue!

Death is wrong, and murder too,
Whensoever, to whomever,
Such that Greendom shall and fight
That none should anew by night
Of unbeing be struck, since clever
Is th' mind that harmless yet woo.

Wealth in three hand never good,
But in each of everyone,
Such that Greendom shall and speak
For that stopp'd, lest further reek
Of corrupt beaurocracy. Sun
Shall shine on all neighborhood.

No more should the wealth abide
Alone in bad fewdom, such
That Greendom shall bestand law
For help given to who saw
Endless need by unfair much
World, wherein all live or hide.

Worth me and thee ghastly way
Of man king, owner of all,
But Greendom shall help and maid,
So that uprightness should braid
The sickness of this now wall
Of th' world oldest selfish day.

Behooveth thee and me that
Should worth sundriness of life,
And friendliness even too
That the Black Man rise and grew
As never ere. Best no knife
Too long that slay life for fat.

Everybody hath the right
That should make all better for
Everyone else—otherwise,
More evil. As Greendom rise,
Shall then every headship more
Open every door, or light.

Of short term none is good thought,
Such that recycled all 's best
Or thrown away bett'r as well,
Nor thing made more that should sell—
This well the kernel and rest
To the world shall be and wrought.

Truth of the Weather

Soon nigh to farenheit five,
By the century his end,
Hotter shall this world but be.
What then? when all the this sea
More acid is thanks to friend
That never caréd alive.

New York Town shall under fall,
As well much of what is Man,
From the Melbourn Aussie land,
To the Venice far her hand,
And the Dakar Africk. Ban
Becketh against coal his ball.

The business and that lie to thee,
Rotten is and all, such that
Thee behooveth that then shouldest
Fight & curse, as & thou wouldest
Any other evil rat—
May it not well ever woo thee!

A tax is greatest way
That i and thou go well can
On the Monster yoke to put,
Who owe to step up his foot
For a world fully clean. Ban
Also one be good today.

This to tackle not is dosome
Too much, but each if well at it,
Then shall much worth good of all
Done. Mayest go fain, not dull,
Teach well wisdom, since and had it
Thee taught nor ever 'tis ruesome.


Mini Epic Against the Urban Heat Island

Oh wonderful Fan that cooleth
Me the feet too sweaty now,
Mayest abide ever truly
With me, since never a bully
Art, but rather sweet as cow
That doth graze, nor ever grueleth.

There well in some farther land
Worth such heat as hellish most
That the sand maketh thee blind,
But there liveth far from rind
Arab in Quran, nor boast
Ever wisheth, but fast hand.

Here howso in old Miami,
Land of endless fickle laugh,
Becketh ever that sick cold
Of a building sore and old,
Yet in th' erstwhile marsh that hath
Sedge, then rest with yellow Mamey.

In the town or mother town
Is a thing, a hellish heat,
And which greater is indeed
Than nigh field. Well by the deed
Of Man his business of meat
In warehouse cooléd more down,

And well also by the stone
Over Earth laid selfishly,
For a wain. That Asphalt hight,
Along with Concrete his might,
And akin Metal his sea
Ungreener than rear'd a bone.

As and folk all groweth more,
And his maddest need for speed,
So groweth the heat infernal—
Then the heat shall king eternal
Worth all man that little read,
And now further cool'd's the door.

Monthly storm shall yet and come
To the curséd land so busy,
Now it shall and greater-er,
When even the woman her
Child shall drown and even dizzy
Shall worth whoso smart or dumb.

Now even with heat all risen
Shall more worth thee greater sicking
When the ozone nether spreadeth,
And wain-swarm gatheréd shreddeth
Any hope. Now seesome pricking
Worth this concrete newer prison.

Is worthen of Earth her breast
That whilom fed little Man?
Have we but forgotten? Ban
Rightful wortheth, even best
For to gas giv'n sooner butt.

Wherefore be this olden land
Such ungreenness unbestandsome,
When whilom but prettiness?
Therefore wortheth us the bliss
Of uprightness rather handsome
In the fight with fouler hand.

First needeth the road to go,
With his endless blackness main,
Then the roof owe to become
Greener mind. There shall be some
Grass, and the evil so wain
No more should king deem'd, but woe.

Oh, my friends, my great Tequesta
Of the sedgy endless swathe,
If ye do as Godhead listeth,
Then bliss none well thee desisteth
To betide and more. What wroth
In Earth's, 'tis from Man molester.

Now come to the global warming,
The incessant roar of madding,
Or of industries wrought naught,
But still wishful of more lot
Of wealth unearnéd and sadding
Of filth much—once more a storming.

Now howso the Sun out cometh,
That should on us all more shine,
And whoso wishest to teach this—
The end's come. May sooner reach this
End his end! but now the nine
Truths stand. Be no mouth which dumbeth!

Even if this sheet about
The whole Earth, and thy wain dear,
Better shall our Earth be free—
And whole for newer soon here
Kin to come. Song done and out.

Against Amber Misspent

We mote now end th' ever endless, bad
Amber misspent. Not is aught spared here
Worthen ever much. Many mindless go
Deem'd ungreen, & dull in & thought. 
The seventy with eight & so needeth
Us, one with bus the whitherso too—
At least minivan not nor more truck,
Nor SUV that need never, ere
We worth so dumb. Why misspendest
Thou earn'd penny been? Belook & each star
Thee that should'st wake! Day shall anew all
Worth among us, when then will Man again
Feel the number heat from this fast road,
So in heat-making. Heed mayest this!
For that, otherwise, cometh up soon
More & more & more. Might only the green.

FPL | Ways to Save | Summer

Keep your summer energy costs under control by following these simple tips.

To the Silly Goose

Why wishest so much for somé dumb wealing,
Or longer road with abodé at land
Away too much from homé-town, or strand
That evéry tourist will get for healing?
Yet i am ever fain heré in stealing
Amidst a din of road her wain, her brand
That leadeth to somé fair load, long hand
Of tourist-trappy fun, what empty dealing,
But how could leavé my poor folk behind,
That suffereth as much as other any
Throughout this world of this still saddest faté?—
But in my littlé word mightier, Maté,
Find of such blither wisdom—eré many
Kill it, or dead, soul willing keepeth mind.

Decapentasyllables to Earth

My beautiful, my dearest Earth, wheréforé harmeth thee many
Folk that about all goeth now yet only after penny
From whatso madé, sold? And now, what is but an Earth fuckéd?
Such sadding filleth me the heart, as blinding winneth suckéd
Folk into moré dumbing and, still Welkin mad abideth
From this of Man his sillying, that seeketh naught, but rideth
Willfully mindless well up to the greater storm, or, worsé,
The heat, the quaké, the what war thinksomé never, but this cursé
Newest, well even than what then eré befell Man in his blinding—
Ready then mayest thee, oh Thou, that misspendest what minding.

To the Wet Monsoon

I lové thee much, Wet,
That, when listest, acomest back
To the little well set
Miami nigh sedgy* sweat.

Wish that abidest all

Heré with folk blither, utter black
Burnéd from that wall
Of sunny light that afall.

Thou acomest with might
To day, often bully—thy smack
Of the spring is high flight.
Beest fully thunder, a light!

Wet, belook and mayest

Me, that fain am to begreat—crack
Not a beforé smallest
I thing, ever the gladdest

Am then. Mayest not

Too far go, Wet, but abide—slack
I not, but watch awake
Thiné awrought, lové Lot.

Oh, Wet, storm listeth
Come of and thee but whatever whack
Miami, such misteth
Bové a head canny pith.

*sedge-y the Okeechobee

The Sevenfold Wheel of Weather Shifted 

Eighteen eighty to now—middle bewarming
Lept one Celsius & (madder bestorming)
Much too in water, as well, all a-forming.
Shewed Climaté is that on the long year
Early, Climaté was well & a fast, clear
With small local a shift—Medieval & queer.

Thus, melteth steadily the snow about us,
& riseth the level the of the sea, thus,
& all humidity up as well & plus.
But regions vary all—still on the land, each,
Warmth higher goné is than and the sea, beach,
For that this hotter is not as the steam reach.

After started all of the indussrial thing,
From that melted all ice, the land the greating,
Then Northern Hemi-ball the is hotter swing.
But one land queerer is—the South o' Statés,
As cooling rather & aworth the matés,
As those Floridan & men of the Hatés.

By self Climaté doth number beshift it,
But long-term ever if the shift, adeeméd
Then well from the without—the gas that unquit.
Yon greenhousé the is thing & her all gas,
From which this the nether bespread the wind-mass
Worthen now is utter the warmth that is crass.

Yon Joseph the Fourier son and bethought this
First, then that heréof the truth (utter bliss
Was) shewéd well of and the Johnny Smart is.
Then yon great the one and Arrhenius utmost
Smart Thinker belookéd the truth all almost,
Lastly yon the one and Callendar utmost.

If not for the gas, all the Earth afrozé—
First gas then the water her is the hazé,
Dioxidé utter the of the Carbé.
Clouds can too havé might*—Fossil the burnt still
Greatest with the less & wood (all the less-chill)
Causes truly ever—cement** the made bill.

*Clouds wrought the Earth cooling
**"Another...source...the calcination of limestone for clinker production..."

Mediums still popular saith & the less now
Been ozoné it is, which is the lie—wow.
Global then dimming is the & other (thou
Most know, Friend) thing utter that all acooleth
From this burning it & the self. Methane pith
Is so of reckoning net if bedrieth.

Explicatio Burning of Fossil Fuels bewarmed & becooled the Earth evenly, but after rain fallen, there was only warming. The "pollutio" that was bad for breathing helped in that it gave Wise Kind time, while the unseesome and unbreathesome Dioxide and Methane abode too long.

Sunday Glyconicks

Such great is lové in the self
Of well miné that on the bed
Am—that so lové is for all
Idleness dearer all the way.
This day shall then of okra well
Be, and ricé which and the East
His man cook for all & pretty
Dish mighty--choclaty the strength
Is so in the o' miné self,
And also wish a film to watch
Moonlight hight, lucky if shall &
Be whom is penny not nor aught.
Mighty hungereth & stomach
Of well miné but all the green
Gumbo worth cookéd & rather
Quick but fasting a thing good &
Oh Godhead—bové us the folk
Nigh this long sedgé—mayst ever
Help us thesé small & been & steadfast souls! Any Storm can.

The Trinational Mephistopheles

Thou evil well all art fully
Who for nobody well carest,
But plasticks with it &, along, 
Judean to Arab the unfriend, such that heré all sooth—

Thou hast taken along many
Songters. For what ever what &
Goal, when now evéry aworth
Clear sooner heré in the song of well miné for each ear?

Thou didst him givé gold? To Trump?
Under noses of each heré
Soul? So reeketh ever the song, 
Thee worth moré rotten today, as land all comé to truth!

Why should Man clever & to thee
Wend, pray thee, ever if sickest
Art in soul as offrest the youth
To Mammon Devil unlittle, so eldest of em all, then?

So, i should sing a song fully
Holier than all & doné
Of thee so ever as tougher
Thing wortheth within & withouten such thiné ever lie.

Oh, Label, thus all & becketh
Thee, mightest tell in & ear on
Me such talé of & utter
Hatred mighty, shacklelessest, so well to wheréwith win?

Indeed, yet, havé deeply i
Wish greatest soméwhat that all
Folk soon waké to show that a
Songster, not apenniéd all, but crafty still, is & best!

Thou wastest, silly Label, &
Thy so timé in & clearest,
Lockless marketing. & for &
Whom, pray thee, this ever dumber wholly endeavor unright?

Still, plain wakéful eyés is 
Me, that hencé shall & never
New to thee listen or caring 
Even shew ever & again, now that worth edgy great eld.

Vivendi2 ChainzBon JoviFall Out BoyEminemJay-ZJ. ColeKanye WestLady GagaLil WayneLuke BryanMadonnaMarilyn MansonMaroon 5Katy PerryTaylor Swift

SonyAlicia KeysBeyonceCarrie UnderwoodChris BrownDJ KhaledFoo FightersUsher

Suburbish Waste-Land Withouten Discernt Season

The road began from higher north or farther south or wheré,
Or from som' west or east as well—who wot wher' shall end caré?
The road kept went up to som' end or maybe nor a starting,
When from afar i saw the haz' of melting on town-hearting.

The lot so wid' but was indeed from stor' her front to wheré,
Such was the length, the width, the breadth of asphalt shin'd not raré—
Theron was wonder ever great on that mightiest, blackest
Lot wheron wain so proudest stood cushiont of what was slackest.

It was such height ther' wher' the town much bus'ness dens' a-coming
Was mid som' sens' of common lost, which ever did us dumbing
(Oh Land, thou that belookest soul her' wher' the song did comé
Mor' even worthless yet as thou cam'st unovercom' somé!)

The swarm of wains was ever loud or what the kernel camé
Of town of such great endlessness withouten but touristish famé—
Mayest it well belook as well, cam' from on' end to 'nother,
As fast as never Man was er', bad as Child-Killer Mother!

Ris' eternal infernal mor' what we nam' noonish heating,
Fain foster ever even if the help is greenish meeting,
Or gathering of nether who (yet was the dumbing mighty!)—
Thus went the heat, as on' would say, unstopt, sinc' Man too flighty.

The Threefold Law of the Golden Eld

Ther' was in Golden Eld no diff'renc' 'twixt
A nam' or word as Modern Mind athought,
But only word & word himself all was,
As even Modern Turk shall do in speech—
Thus was therin well on'ness ever strong. 
Thus was the Golden Eld onc' long ago,
Wherin naught was as weighty as, at all,
The whether a word meant what living did,
Or not, whenc' all the structur' rose of speech,
Or thought, as in the Hittit' olden tongue.
The Golden Eld howso did sunder much
When whether first or next or third a word
Should com' in thought or phras'—then Babel Tow'r
Did downward com' rusht greatly up to what
We nam' the typ's of syntax now today.

The Willy-Nilly Token

What 's what, then? That is all that axt is of Man,
That should fairly beshin' us & with all utmost
Knowledge then. What is & this ample, utmost
Truth that she should us all betell rather quick?—
"Watch long token all & which & should up speak!
Sinc' therthru shall all &—the shift the swiftest—
Com' rush down on us all th' as & quasi not
Seen er', for that utter the stealth his & whim.
Upwak', Man, that ali'st aneath the dust &
Ash onc' of 'nother eld!" Thus & bespoken
Hath Man whom her' is, all that on still & bid'
Up to som' then or end or aught. The knowledg'
Is that the knowledg' is but a much & lie
Midst us told that a Man should & not up speak.

The Cosmopolitan Southerner

"& i do further proclaim, 
That the insurrecting is at an end 
& that peace, order, tranquiling, & ciuil authoring 
Now exists in & thru out 
The whole of the Vnited States of America."

No mor' the Southerner shall then a dummy,
But rather a wis' mind to dissect all,
     Sinc' if the Southern mummy
     Abid' alive, then Wall.

Why waver as an inbred artifact,
When out ther' lieth world that gladly him,
That speak with lov', shall agive gooding back?
     Such the numbing unslack
     That still a li' met whim
     & holp Cracker in act!

Mayest, Southern Man, or Lady of old,
Belook what new of the world! Wherin truth
     Shall not beflee the mind,
     Nor go ever behind,
But rather go fully forward, as Youth
Shall com' out of a shell or strongest hold.

Such lieth, 'yond Bible-Dogma out worn,
Beauty, som' ancient Mind not to be feart—
     May waken from the smeart
     Old unhealth not mor' born'!

Wednesday Glyconicks

Wednésday, the middle—thus all
Say—day, this when utter belief
In hop' must then acom' from a
Worker-soul. Not enough to hop' but hop' with breath is all good.
Oh Dog-Thing, never & athink
Mayst that forgot ever then i
Of=thee wonder utter that, out
Been left, shalt never in the housy whin'—thee=wot enough soul.

Wakent midst hotter & a day—
Thus som' say. What ever then &
Doth Man with such utter befor'=
Er heat? Bid' when ev'ry ev'ry heat com' from somé sundry.

Wiser soul shou'd all & adrink
Of coffee, better especial
Whenso & comen & from a
French Press—thus somé say—wherof great might & o' the On'fold.


BEWARE of truly evil brainwashing—far from longest—
Which but her' in our hom'land, wher' shiny glass shall strongest
Beckon ev'ry ey' nighest & trap—as thou too wrongest—
Into the endless spiral——hyper-sooth*, wherin throngest!
Hyper-sooth, wherin throngest!
How could we be so dumbest, if lies lie right befor'=us?
Never see we truth brightest, that Ungreen shall besor'=us?
On' might belook the shiny new thing that shall bewhor'=us,
But if the green be strongest, shalt see how it soon tor'=us.

Greenwashing** woe & problem that must soon overcomen,
Or we shall keep in living lies that steady mor' dumben,
As even som' great leader should confus' & mor' numben
Under nam' of Obama—lo, her' truth that us=summon!

Mayest not seek, oh Darling Reader, that goest in caring,
Som' spurious, specious lying nor som' denning or lairing
Of wisdom, but the wellspring of gooding—splash of fairing
In scienc' that did teach=us, how heat was trapt, nor sparing!
**Greenwashing, onefold tokens—trees, leaves, green, grass, bushes, earth, wood, sea & even, environmentalism, walking, biking, vegetarianism, tribes/ethnicness, etc.—on things which lack green—cars, jeeps, minivans, pickups, brands, urban sprawl, manhattanizing, commercial meat/dairy/eggs, etc.—such as an ad, wherin a car goeth in the woods or standeth nigh sum hedges, etc. Others—the lettuce in burgers/sandwiches/subs, the crops/food in supermarkets (air-conditioned concrete midst asphalt), bottled mineral water (& even, any bottled water), jeeps/SUVs (meant for unpaved land), "fuel-efficient" cars, or even, electric cars (Nissan "Leaf"), & lastly, parks, or landscaped areas.

Of Sickings & Death Tided (Alliterated)

Sick-Hearting now the sorrow greatest
Is among=us still so steady worldwide,
When in arteries aught of plack buildeth,
& blood nor forth nor floweth then,
Such that is ours great good for shielded
Heart, & taught well needs* tokens all—
As when feelest thou fast smarting
Or sor'ness ever, or in sum limb,
Or breathless thing, or bleak head too,
    Or cold sweats too.

Benetheréd & pressur' & need is for
Thee, the cholest'rol too, from cold shift
To food from plants, the without fats nor
Too much evermor'—good too true stretch,
No smoking for thee, nor small worry much,
     Lest Death steal thee.

*needs, necessarily

Cancer sundry sick & such the wherin
Growth is quick of & gon' wild cells,
Which leadeth to body-work lost, stopt.
Anybody can catch cancer mor' still
If pron' from gen's, carcinogens, so
Thes' ar' main then—lung most & first,
Then prostrat', then bow'ls plus butt,
Then breast, & thes' ar' beastly well,
& fast go with fat body, slowing
Great, badder eating, the which & best can
    Stopt, & ready too.

Sick Breath sundry—the sickings sundry
Mak' breath-flow sor'd, such as & when
Thou canst not breath', if acom' run, when
If cough'st with phlegm. Couldst thee well heal
Not smoker nor breather nigh wind
Fouléd nor midst fum's nor strong dust,
     Yet Car ozon'd.

Death Tided mak' shall many dead now,
Whos' nam' also Lot, Dol', Loss, God—
    Cars ar' the caus' oft.

Strok', when blood not cometh & to brain,
But mostly this in Southeastern Main,
As Floridan & thus feelings these—
Body numbt, nor ready speech, nor sight, nor
Walk, or sum much stuck midst ach' head,
Plus risk-factors high pressur' & high
The cholest'rol, or smoking—com' then
Better & for thee healthful best food,
& weight, stretch enough, nor beer strict much,
Nor di'betes too dir' then, so
    Even wat'r a good.

. . . Alzheimers

Di'betes, sweet of blood swift wild
Gon', so thes' ar' symptoms therof &—
Often weeing, way much thirsting,
Fast weight-losing, wid' hunger too,
Sight marréd, numbt limbs, so as well 
& weary feeling, with hid'-draught &
   Sor's long open.

Influenza* is & indeed quick spread
Virus well that wint'r-in-cometh &
Cold weather is that king therof & now
Coughs with sneezes snotty yon spreadings.
Seek mayest thes' symptoms, Mild Friend—
Fever, head-smart, forth chills, throat-draught,
Nos'-filt, aches, felt no hunger—
    But if in sun, healt.

*The best way to prevent the Influenza is air-conditioning befled, shunt, avoided, belest or beshrunken. This is just logic, especially because the cold is related (not causal, but most things are wherfor hard to prove causality is anyways), & asunder, ther=is simply no fresh air.

Night-Kidney or the Nephrosis wher=
In tha sift not well blood, so wast' 
Bideth therin & at body, whenc' mor'
    Woes, mor' midst eld.

. . . Suicide

The top 10 leading causes of death in the United States

Just 10 diseases account for almost three-quarters of all deaths in the U.S. Heart disease is the biggest killer, followed by cancer, then chronic lower respiratory disease. The tenth disease on the list is suicide. This article looks at the facts and figures and asks whether any of these diseases can be prevented.

Culinaria Americana

Mighty wortheth in & me word
As so endeth utter the day
Whom i gavé the sleep of old,
So in what yon ever beworth Earthling yon giddy Musé...

Mightiest was food, the fair-Okra that all fair-Mouth took—
First, mayst get chopt okra, with & hand softer strong also,
That pourest theréon readily vinegar, lemon or best,
Then well Coconut & his Milk*, not too much—further
Moré the spicé the each needful heréfor, such so as
Sweetly Paprika or All-Might-Seasonin' & all Garlick
Mincéd swiftly, utter. Now, mayest cook pretty well—see,
Only is & needed Six or well Niné of & min**
In whatso oven & or stové good as for anything.
Now, with that cookéd & delicious, worth timéliest now
Needed ricé*** acookt that then the shou'dest eat wholé
Twain together, steady might for hungry wherever folk.

*I feel horrible for the slave Monkeys of Thailand, but i think i do enough for animals
**min minute
***you can blend/overgrind dry rice for speedy thick soup cooking

Great Old Mexican up took a
Devis'ment of a new pretty
Bas' for food any well cookéd—
Tomato, pepper, & onion, sour, salt, & the cilantro.*

If thou now needest to acook somé good food, then this—
Cornmeal**, which was that Corn grounden well to the powder
Which well in all mouth com' shall if & thou wotst ever & how.
Ratio then shall utter be—three of water on & one 
Of cornmeal. Now seeth' the water right right fully, also
That one of & cornmeal mash midst even then of & wet
Water. Now mustest mash therin & seething pot evermor'
Up to the cooktness full therof & then fain eat mayest,
Nor ever & forgetst this thy teacher the kitchen-wise—
Helpful this steady is strong art, worthy of all & tim',
Well whether & beest man then or & lady, Pretty Maté.
Go then utterly & mayest cook' Corn her utter meal!

*also canned beets, fresh carrots, plantain, etc. is good
**also known as Polenta

Beans ar' great ever & if in
Mouth soon as ever gooder
Food well—neither ever bethink=
It too barbarick if & from a can harmless veriliest!

First open well can, then sift then beans much as couldst,
Then with fork smash smash smash mayest fast—at last now
Let then each cond'ment or whatso on pan on & stove,
Wheron too any bas', then well quickly truly beheatest
Til burning tid' soon, then lastly throw=it on & food
Other, so to amak' sum other then utter pretty eating,
Food & whatso well. Beans good truly sincé befeed=us
Tha so well—even when acom' from a can quickly outright—
Sinc' better & fed that thou beest goodeth & in this world,
Yea The Middle Yard, wher th' all-dream any can well acom' tru
For person well any. Mayest well mind of still the 
Soybeans, pinto-beans, & of too lima the beans...

Well wherof & feedest, if chosest holy the footpath
Of Veganism fam' holy well for evrybody.

Bakéd pumpkin is & other
Food that good for all & is &
Mor' should eaten ever well in=
Us but so many still therin wher lies dwell steady blither.

Wreath of Songs

Ay am ceu bord huith nat te du at ol,
yet nau de nait iz nay indid huel moch,
an may huix iz eunli dat Holi Miuz
xud com te mi an brid nu zonh huel dip,
dat ay xud bicinh Erth her endliz eic,
az hit tu moch nau hir nau der tu moch
xal gueu, for dat hui nat neu Zayenz zuth,
huic tat dat quer for Erth iz orer nid,
lezt hit xud com tu moch an hueder xift
an brinh olceu zoch dum az neber cin.
¡Eu Huerold, dat ceu cili, blaindist gueuzt,
biluc de hebenz dat blez oz ich dey,
an, huith greit thancz den guiben, guib quer tu,
dat dau xudzt nat breic de Huayold mor mor!

I hav a Dream most wonderful for thee,
Wherin all green all sooth is then well turnt,
& evry street a lane for bus alone—
Or maybe wain that loadeth aught well good—
& then evry black lot unpavéd whole.
Therin each wain alone for needful load,
Not for self-bearing silly too much as
Now, when salesman belooketh that thy soul.
In stead therof, th' evryday person should
Go on a bus on his own lane well swift,
As from thy home go anywhither well.
Therin then unpaving should swifter tide
Such that unbeblacking of hotter lot
Into new greening or earthing well right.

What shall be Beach as time should longer go,
& weather further shift & hotter still,
Such that no mor the olden bliss of sea
Nor strand that took the weary for good health?
Such is the axing made of me but now,
After gon to one wherto many go
To wallow in the shallowest & smile,
But even now the ice wisht to melt mor,
& hotter sea & greater gas stop not,
Such that a storm should sooner com for us,
& end the bliss ephemeral too much.
Oh Godhead! Oh World so blind evermor,
Mayest well listen wind his whistling as
Wavereth, yet besettled our soon doom!

Such was the Haze of middle day, of noon,
Wherin the wain went from one end to th' other
& from afar i saw myself the sea
Of melting on town-hearting, that old road,
Which made was well of olden asphalt sick.
What shall be soon then we that never see,
Nor seek to know the truth of urban heat,
Which never stopt, when wain sped swifter then,
Nor when the empty speech or token rose?
Oh world, oh folk, oh Latin seed hernigh,
Belook the heavens that us favor much
& seek inside yourself som better path
Of Bus-Lane or at least think twice, er ye
Buy needless wain that standeth fair & melt!

What is the need of endless wain his swarm,
That on som lot too wide shall rest & shine
With such a strength & hate for Dearest Earth
As not even the Devil could bethink?
What is then better than the Parking-Lot?—
Well mor natural earth, mor tree, mor grass
That wiser, mighty should belaugh the dark
Dry greed, now speed, now need of modern day
Wherin all sooth sweltert & turnt to dust.
Understand ye not well the olden thing
That somtime said was of a wiser mind,
"The sooth is word that shall never find end
But be well God himself or this wide world,"
Or ar your brains too empty of goodwill?

Greendom all founden should in Wilderness
Which of us must too bestewarded be,
Whilst ungreen shall lies only & but too
The salesman as he should go & us mar.
Basick Incom another thing to know,
Well that a hand is fight & unfair wealth,
Whilst rather tool as robot maketh all
Mor ready & bliss quick handy from rights—
Another thing, as well, to know the life
That shielded well is ours as right indeed
If we should Opt Out of Ads* targeted,
&, with cookies then slain, start us a blog.
Mayest thou, that shouldest wander untrue,
Listen to this my good or starv to lies!

Oh what a day! Oh what a Song Still Sought!
As i should wake from dream or dream anew
That we should be good & wisdom tide soon
Lest we keep in living lies older still
That wish us to keep in the treadmill shiny,
Wheron the buying filleth need not ther,
& sooth was in a blink buried alive,
Nor therof aught ever abode amongst
Us that belookt it as swift slain but was,
But great is Godhead that in each one liveth
As even one should com under Obama
Or even Trump & with an empty word
Or token led away from what is sooth,
If only for som time that would be lost.

*Mayest delete thy google historee often too,

El Mundial Calor

A nos nos toca fare el bien, no caer en male
y más cuando nosotros componemos los males
en una compra o quema sin lo sabio del sabio
que dijo pronto y duro, <<¡Nosotros gas botamos!>>.
¡Pues cuántos gran mentira ya lleva bien mentidos,
Y más conduz a venta de lo que peca y mata
Al verde el clima mismo! Bobo, no ves el biene
De aprendere verdades que sola Ciencia supo,
Pero ya en tiempo muestra para que el mundo sepa,
Y, con todo sabido, actuemos pronto y presto.
El gran dinero viejo los poderes repierde,
Cuando el sabio abrió boca, y mundo oyó pues luego,
Pero ganó pues de otras no menos que perdidas
Tierra, suelo, y el fresco—que una vez nos tocaban—,
Cuando el gas subió pronto, y larg permaneciendo,
Guardó aquí más calore y compuso más muertes.

<<El Toda Tierra Calor, que también le dicen Tiempo Cambio, es la calurosa y tiempera subida que se ve tras los pasados cien años. Muchos sabios muestran que el tiempo se calentó. Muchos los cambios desde los cincuentas no se hallan antes ni en las paleoclimeras muestras que cubren miles años. En el dos mil trece, el Panel Entre Gobierno Cambio Tiempo encontró que "Lo que más pueda ser verdad es que se calentase por el hombre desde la mitad el siglo pasado." Lo que más calentó fue el dióxido carbono, el metano, y óxido nitrógeno. Las que modelan el tiempo predijeron que en cien años el calor iba a subir 1.7 C lo menos o hasta 4.8 C lo más, según cuanto gas se siguiese botando, igual que a subir los mares, a cambiar las lluvias, y a esparcir los desiertos. El calor todas maneras se espera que va a crecer sobre tierra más que mares y más aún en el Ártico, mientras se sigan retirando los hielos terrenos y marinos. Más aún va a haber más calurosas hondas, sequías, grandes lluvias y nevadas, el oceano más ácido vuelto, especies extinguidas, cosechas malas y ciudades ahogadas. Además, ya que estos gases largo permanecen, estos males no menos por cientos miles años.>> —Global warming Wikipedia

Laudings to Bus — Loor a Guagua

Such is the beauty of the long long Bus
That taketh thee anywher thou shouldst wish
As sittest & bethinkest thee the day,
Lookest about, & wondrest at the folk
That ride &, as sum say, chill idly ther
In sum subtle trance & blithing of God.

One should wonder any any
Day what stopt Man any ever
Thence stupid silly but to reach
Sum hottest car ever not at all green but rather & bad.

Such is the beauty of the song here made
For Bus that ever on her way doth go
To reach whomever & whatever now
& beshine light of greendom over all,
Over this world (that sicker goeth & blind
Inside the foul wain now, & still mor foul.)

How can Man dumber & today
Still be when such an aptliest
Made thing is here among us all
By name of Bus utter better thing wherthan better is naught.

Such is the beauty of Mighty Bus as
Wendeth hence thence evrywhither so glad
With such a gladsum throng therin than wain
Which is better & friendly might not this
That salesman should sell machine most ungodly
To naught but a mind rotten not well learnt.
The sooth Latin soul would not silly wain
That should besunder folk & land & burn
What was good midst us into wasteland still,
But rather mor would seek old Bus mor nigh
That taketh us hither thither well then,
In what the greatest greenest bliss is well,
Not sum old tale of sum belief outworn 
In endless roads & newer concrete built,
     That in spiral unsooth kept well bedumbéd mass.

Nada más puede ser que Guagua hermoso,
En la cual un sin prisa se sentó
Y vio a ese pueblo a esa ahí
Gente que casi en sutilísim trance
Descansa. La verdad es que el latín
Solo escogiese la Guagua por sí,
Y no por un vendedor que promete
Gozo y dicha de una asquerosa caja.
Pues, de hecho, el hispán, el latín, el ser
Que conoce apiadamiento—no farsa—
Percibe pronto la hermosura pura
De lo que Guagua es y siempre fue—
La promesa de verde más común,
     No esta triste verdad que refleja mentira.

Grande es cosa que vien de lo
Confirmado no las y más
Pinturas que de nada val
Cuand de más gases y rebosan sin nada de bondad.

LEAD — Ling Eng Ang Ding Bildingstanderds

  • 78F / 25C THERMOSTAT
Solar then passive is when &
Thou stopst sun that is & utter
Heat but needful is & that a
Door be kept shut ever when &
Thou canst, lest far acool wher &
Doth no good. What is all better
Still what naméd is & the Smart
As computer amid the webs
Maketh thing on if it should &
Be needed—such an & machine, computer, steady soft swift.

Note I 68F / 20C if heating, & fan setting either way on on for bigger houses, II short hair helpeth with self-cooling, but mor barbershops is not good, so just mayst bescissor alone ready thy hair 


Thare s no accidents at all,
Onlee cars that murder folk,
Go about, & hold in yoke
     Us that dumb lie behind wall.

Why keep this lie mor alive
That a car by accident
Hit sumthing or sumone, rent
Sum car by our God that strive?
Well the sooth anew in hive
Cannot, shoodent bent at all,
When we know that car befall
As murderer greatlee greatlee
& of all mor even latelee
     Took a life guiltless from hall.

Car so siclee went so fast,
& so swiftlee kilt the man
That so gladlee went nor can
Now bespeak murder not last.
Why, pray thee, keep lie as mast
Thrown agenst a wilder wind
But in glory kept, held, sinned
As if too hard was what sooth?
Mayest listen to the youth
     That in gladding never grinned!

Such a world wharin we liv,
& belook still sicker deth,
As accident was but breth
That bought car & ruined siev
That sift world for sooth, that leav
The lie & be trodden, slain
For all good kept better lain
Among us the folk the guiltles!
As car wisht for no one stiltles,
     But marred, becrippled in rain.

O world! O life, blinding strong
That durst say "Accident car",
When smart soul seeth well how far
Shall car go to murder long
Time all the things that shood throng
As in disaster or wors.
This nothing but greatest curss,
Most sick sicking of em all,
Wors than wall & wors than hall,
     Wharin craftee word his purss.

Note American cars are getting heavier and heavier. Is that dangerous? Slate 

The Half-Naked Cool Freedom Law

Thou hast a right to walk about in underwearing*,
Whether in school** or not, since this must be our freedom,
Not be subjected to Puritanism olden,
Lest we still energy 'gainst needless warmth in clothing.
Thou hast a right to be in underwear half-naked,
Not be subjected to the lie, the schooling sicker
That wisht to brainwash all & mar what was of hoping,
Whether in China land or in this Unsooth Spiral.
May ye that rise from dust & ash wake to the mindful
Self-thinking on each thing & strength in smarts now greater,
Not in arse-kissing still, nor in the deepest bullshit
Of your own mindlessness, as shit fed is & longer,
When still waxeth the shit, which lie is ever crafty
From word, whence also Purse the Capital Unsteady,
But time is new & right for cool & more half-naking
In man & lady strong, not in the farce still laughsum!
Thou hast a right to be in underwear half-naked!
*underwear or swimwear

Against Tree Planting

We shood not plant mor trees nor speak wel uf an orchard
In the middle uf heat most urban & unhandsum
Because it wus the car alone, that brought this on=us,
Not even climate change, but simple town now sicker.
Thou shoodest understand whut ment is wel so simplee—
That white is bestest shield against the sun his sunbeams,
Not trees wharuf we make an endless sicker joking
If thay shood be among these peepel so-named drivers.
The car now standeth much on asphalt hel-tar evil,
That wisht to mar dear Earth, & shewed the purse unsteadee
Yet even unwist but we now see that a citee
Never prospereth as a nightmare & mistaking.
Thus behooveth the folk the land to untar swiftlee,
Namelee the parking lot for needless wain his standing,
When better serveth bus wel sped on his own lanepath—
Better than metro al—as public good long lasted.
What of the meadow, the land, or the woody, the marshy, the drier? Under the weight of the stone—all the asphalt, the concrete, the metal.

The American Technofetish

Algebra(x) = Capitalism(y)
  • The New Evil Ghosts
    • Electric car
    • MicroSD card
    • AC adapter
    • Hair weave
    • T-shirt
    • Paper
    • Tiny house
    • Sofa
    • Solar energy
    • Food packaging
    • Smartphone
    • Home security
Ere thou chosest to buy a thing, mayest be mindful
That less technologee may be enuff wel readee,
As when, if wishest cool, sun stopt & bodee naked,
& seventy-eight set, not reckless downward pathway!
Also a sofa too is not a good for ennee,
When longer Arab eld shewed chic of rugs stil wide,
Or ennee thing mor used shewed readee way of greendum,
Not Unsooth Spiral* 'gainst the dearer Earth the greendum.
"Oh World! Oh Wise Kind! Why?" then said Ghost loudlee worried, 
When saw too much too few, when felt in us soul deader—
We must be one green town, not sum wild west retarding,
When on narrow tar-road the fire up down, man deadest.
What is the fetish sick? What is the technofetish?—
Capitalism old, Capitalism sicker,
That wisht that dear Earth blow, implode in bits wel milio,
For that he sought the Earth upended, even molten.

¡Vete de vuelta, indio bobo!

Nada ganas viniendo, acá al gran asfalto,
¿entonces por qué en riesgo te pones y a tu niño,
que de nada merece reportaje por Medios?
pues parez aprovechas, pero nada ni ganas,
porque a final de cuentas la muerte a todo sigue,
y cuando llegó diestra, también en cualquier tierra,
como si en esta mala u otra como la tuya,
sea ya violencia y cuento, sea ya dolor, verdade.
¡O Indio bobo, mira, cómo te desprestigias,
y rápid más te pudres con cara de cachorro!
Aprendere te toca de la verdad más sana—
que este suelo de gringo es suelo de mentira.
¡Regresa pronto, dale, a aldea vieja y santa,
regresa, pronto, piensa, y ten más niños, singa!
¡O Indio, compañero, amigo socialista,
vete, vete, obrero!—que aquí eres solo esclavo.
Que este suelo de gringo es suelo de mentira.

Heat > Heat > Heat > Heat > Heat > ... 

Pavement Thermal Performance And Contribution To Urban And Global Climate Federal Highway Administration
Stop weather shift still talkt without black tar mor readee,
Since the woe is no witch nor science with sum magic,
But onlee town too wide, & his black helltar hartless,
That heats up rather swift & helps nobodee ever!
The sooth woe is the tar, the sooth woe also mindless
Folk that should think is sum word fight or even sumthing
Hard to understand now, when it is wheels & helltar
That wisht to mar dear Earth, not nothing mor nor anee
Mad, idle, emptee, slack thinking of here thare dummee
Worried of Earth his lot, & not about the soothest
Woe & unwisdom now, the black tar, helltar, ever
About us blind, still when the heat the haze the farther
Sea on asphalt seen was yet thought as not too harmful—
May you that rise from dust & ash see what is hottest
Not gas nor endless talk but sicker town & hartless,
That did not see soon doom, from recklessest selfbearing!

Note "Climate Change" may a wonderful new thing to betalk, but not at the heart of our heat woes. What is here is onefold, & readily seen—a mightiest mightiest heat wheel, turned by the hand of the driver, & heat or cool buyer. I already gave answers & the readiest ways to cool—see above, 'Against Tree...'.

Eco-communism or Greendom Built His Handbook

    Why have this endless greed, when Headship can much better,
    Not White Man richer stil from glass tower forever,
    For nothing but a yacht & houses endless worthless,
    If work hand or long thral had no good town nor soothest
    Word to throw of good done, here where the head too silly
    Shaked shaked & heart then molt & none was ever holpen,
    But we can, howso, swift end kingdom of untruest
    Penny, when town is best with his shape kept & better?
    Too many years are gone & time wil spare nobody,
    Such that to leave it al, to leave what was but never
    Is best, when al is wise, not running after nothing,
    But standing on white dye & earth free in sun soakéd.
    So many years wish now to go & by & always
    Keep us in blinder blur but heat his haze is tiresome,
    & soul his speech loud loud, when song shal bring in folkdom
    A newer strength & might for need & speed green turnéd.

    The Thicnis Supremacee

    It is good good wel thic to be & shine if shood=us
    Favor fates, ghosts about that belooc wrech yet ever.
    So great is fat not much but enuff for the bodee,
    & even mor the thigh that blesséd was of Godhead.
    The thicnis ever shone mor still afore all, gladsum,
         For that the world shood handsum be, not duller bone still duller.