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The Somewhat Olden-Speeched Blossom-Gathering

Mayest not mar so sickly Earth in shamefully hatred, Nor on and the grass of his lay long stone to little wain,
That so ungreenness whereof and greatest is utter too! To Mark Zuckerberg, Anent Steven PinkerThe Enlightenment Is Working Don’t listen to the gloom-sayers. The world has improved by every measure of human flourishing over the past two centuries, and the progress continues, writes Steven Pinker.Mark, Steven Pinker so is joke. Leaveth utter threat
From weather and shifted, work automated ever more.
Now is folk the reckon'd higher, more well, than ever, so
Even helpless. His metrics are bad, such an and new
So Ebola, with and nighest Great Zika could and be,
Also even an of heat wave, needless to betell so.
How then anent Great China? never was so ever and might.
Even now hangeth all above and folk and War a greatest.
Trump InfrastructureTrump’s infrastructure plan may ignore climate change. It could be costly. Trump wants to spend $1.5 trillion on rebuilding roads and bridges, but f…

The Deed-Word-Free Blossom-Gathering

Oh yes of endless rest,
O' song a ton —
By me this songcraft best,
Not shitty fun;
There every soul glad lest
Some too fast run
Since in Mojave chest
Woeful thing none;
Yes, the wish in my breast
For bliss, not gun.
(To everyone this word,
Lest dumb in herd,
Or too wrathful the mind,
Or th' eye too blind.)
HYMN TO NATVREMy love for thee truly great,
Oh wide land of this sad fate —
But each animal so glad
Hither thither never sad,
Even if one hungry bad,
Another with grass not mad.
(Oh my heart full of a hate
Toward fouler folk o’ late!)
Always myself to thee mate
Full o’ song of utter weight.
Indeed, on thee such a beauty
O’ the crop so sweet as fruity.
Therefore o’ folk first the duty
For the green love, not the snooty,
Since otherwise soon worse day
In the woodland, or the bay.
Oh handsome Nature o’ May,
Or warmer, wetter thing yea,
From me Cuban youthful cutie
To thee rhyme old as Djibouti.
Espinelan Mini-Epic to Basic IncomeWorld of end…