RE:PT UAIL DAIƏN  STIL NO ƏRESTIZ? HAU KOM, CI:F UILƏBI? i go on google and 'watchfree' (pixier than netflix, right?),
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri | Fox Searchlight THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI is a darkly comedic drama from Academy Award® winner Martin McDonagh (IN BRUGES). After months have passed without a culprit in her daughter’s murder case, Mildred Hayes (Academy Award® winner Frances McDormand) makes a bold move, commissioning three signs leading into her town with a controversial message directed at William Willoughby (Academy Award® nominee Woody Harrelson), the town's revered chief of police.

EGUE:DEH — one, one thru four

spring The Rig Veda in Sanskritnote this is in the middle bharat way, like hindi, western aryan, not eastern aryan (that'd be instead o < a, & s < c). III how wonderful if the Rigveda's 'animism' was in you, India, now! if this worshiping us what is wild or inborn like FIRE and WIND and THUNDER and HEALTH!
A B C D E G H I K L M N Ŋ O P R S T U Z :EGNImi:le purohiteŋ 
ieznesie deuaŋ etui:zeŋ
hota:reŋ retnedatemeŋ!

EGNIH puruebiresi
biridieh nutenairute—
se deuane:he uekseti!

EGNINA reiimesneuet 
posame:ua diue diue,
ieseseŋ uireuettemeŋ.

AGNE, ieŋ ieznemeduereŋ 
uisueteh periburesi,
se iddeue:su geceti.

AGNIrho:ta keuikretuh 
deuo deuebira gemet!

iedenge dasuse tueŋ
AGNE, bedren kerisiesi,
teuet tet setieŋ, engireh.

upe tu, AGNE, diue diue 
dosauesterdiie ueieŋ
namo berente emesi.

gopaŋ etesie didiuiŋ
uerdemaneŋsue deme,

se neh pite:ue suneue, 
AGNE, supaieneh beue!
secesua neh suesteie!

UAIEUA iahi, dersete:me 
soma erenketa:h;
tesaŋ pahi; srud…

US LUSIA:TAS — one, one thru thirty five

spring Os Lusíadas/I - Wikisourcenote Brazil, Portugal, Angola, Mozambique
A E F I K L M O P R S T U :As armas i us paro:ns as:inala:tus,
ki tesi us:ienta:u praa luseta:na,
pur maris nunka tiantis naueka:tus,
pas:a:ran aina ale:n a tap:ropa:na,
en peri:kus i ker:as isforsa:tus,
mas ki ki promet:ia: a forsa uma:na, 
i entri ienti remot:a etefeka:ran
nouu reinu, ki tantu suprima:ran,
i tanpe:n as memo:rias krorio:sas
akelis reis, ki foran tilat:a:nu
a fe, u enpe:riu, i as ter:as uis:o:sas
afreka i asia ana:ran teuasta:nu,
i akelis, ki pur opras ualero:sas
si uan a lei a morti liperta:nu,
kanta:nu ispaliare: pur tota parti,
si a tantu mi aiuta:r u enie:niu i arti—
ses:en au sapiu kreku i au troa:nu
as nauekas:o:ns kranis ki fise:ran,
kali si a alesanru, i a traia:nu
a fama as uito:rias ki tiue:ran,
ki eu kantu u peit:u ilustri luseta:nu,
a ken NET:U:NU i MARTI opetes:e:ran;
ses:i tutu u ki a MUSA anti:ka kanta,
ki ot:ru ualo:r mas autu si aliuanta;
i uos, taietis minias, pos kria:tu
tentis en min un nouu enie:niu…


.AMERIkkkAIf America is a consumer paradise, why are Republicans & Democrats the only choices available? Robert Bridge is an American writer and journalist. Former Editor-in-Chief of The Moscow News, he is author of the book, 'Midnight in the American Empire,' released in 2013. Enter any grocery store in the United States and you will likely suffer culture shock at the mind-numbing variety of consumer choice.Dis land iz filθi an ta:t ra:ŋ intu ə leŋθi se:l,
ies, indi:d, dat z də θiŋ dat z ra:ŋ, ə uərldmaind ho:lli hakt 
intu də sel, den bai, forget, bot os ui kən bi nau
somθən betər nau if ui uərk tu onhak os də maind,
an le os den də gri:n əlo:n an stuərdʃip də fərst
θiŋz at də ta:p for di:pər nau uərʃip, uen o:nli dost
ui iz, ies, a:l az mankaind nau, dat at GA:DZ uil tə ni:l
mor a:fən uərk, iet su:n get la:st in go:ld so seldəmist—
iet stil ui ga:tə o:pən os də aiz tə tru:θ, uedərz,
an in uel uot ui du bi stra:ŋ, an tord gri:n restfəli.
...that at God's will to kneel / More o…


spring Matthewnote dear Christianity Today, Catholic Church, Methodist Church, & Greece (Syriza), at first i didn't care to turn us old Greek into my thing, but seeing how latin was always greek in other clothes, that is, all (or most) latin/roman was likemade straight from greek, and never truly own nor selfish nor roman, but always sharing it its laws, tho not its own, with greek, then i thought it's all right; however, in truth, wrote greek was never what was spoke, so its laws they was outlandish to even its own folksy true self. & yet its hit it's still felt strongly in today's greek & the whole slav folk, even, more so than elsewhere in Europe. I mean mainly the 'and' with a meanin', 'also', but also stern speech laws, sterner than western europe's. however, still, greek in the bible was never what the folk spoke like (that likely with only 'periphrasis' & no 'middle' nor 'passive', as in our now ton…

Analects — LUN IU

spring Lun Yu - Wikibooks, open books for an open worldnote the old China tongue (Classical Chinese - Wikipedia) was wonderful in that it broke it all speech laws by it freely playing with its words. it was never a smart thing to leave China folk without their olden pithy works & mighty tongue for the new kind, dear China, & yet any China tongue is worlds better than english with our overburdensome writing & its law. II 
ci zi si ~< 'q j x'z c s < z~zh  c~ch s~she ie iue ə i u uŋ ue < ei ia iua e yi wu ong uineedless to say ŋ i u < ng y w~o ~ in a word with a third tone bit 'ˇ', the other get ':', to show us the loudness/beat alone, (not "tones".)
A B C D E Ə F G H I K L M N Ŋ O P R S T U Z :Zi iue, "siue er si sii zi bu i suo hu? io peŋ zi iuenfa:ŋ lai bu i lə hu? ren buzi er bu iun bu i ziu:nzi hu?" io zi iue, "cii ueren ie siau di er hau fan saŋ ze sien i bu hau fan saŋ er hau zuo luan zə ue zi io ie. ziu:nzi u …

Quran — Islam's Olden Law

spring Quraan Transliteration note it's so sad that the arab tongue has come up with speech laws & writing laws to almost keep most folks away from any reading or liking for the quran or any old arab book—methinks. indeed, we could say all muslims they's took 'em writing as their new idols & thus, never truly turned muslims unless far from teachers. note Saudi Arabia, Egypt.
A D F G H I K L M N P Q R S Σ T Θ U X Z Ʒ :pi smi al LAH al rahma:n al rahi:m! al hamd li l LAH rap: al a:lami:n! al rahma:n al rahi:m! ma:lik iaum al di:n! i:ia:k nap:ud ua i:ia:k nastai:n! ahdina al sira:t al mustaqi:m! sira:t al ladi:n an:amta alaihim gair al magdu:p alaihim ua la al dal:i:n. Da:lik al kita:p la raip, fihi hudan li l mut:aki:n. al ladi:n iuuminu:n pi l gaipi ua iuki:mu:n al sala:ta ua mim:a razaqna:hum iunfiqu:n, u al ladi:n iuuminu:n pi ma unzila ilaik ua ma unzila min qaplika ua pi l a:xirat hum iu:qinu:n. u:la:ik  ala hudan min rap:ihim ua u:la:ika hum al muflihu:n. in:a al…