LOFSONGUR (Iceland, Where They Get Shit Done, The Watermelon Spark)

aKUAU ulant! auLANTKUAU!
ualui tinALA, ALA nam! 
ur tiulkiarpi imnanni niati krant
tinatkara, timanni tiam—
pirti ar an ta tiun tutiin ar,
u tutiin ar ta, ikmai;
an iliatmaplum mi titran tar,
tiun tupia KUAU tiia ta tai—
ITLANT tutiin ar...


grow up #bemorelogical

if the bible/quran is a metaphor,

thus God isn't literally any biblical description (king of the sky (or is it queen of the earth?)),

why are you so serious?

(i won't "blog" monthlong, in remembrance of Muslims and their sufferings; get out of afghanistan! let pashto folks alone!)


SHAPE UP (we're spanish-speakers, not LatInOs, we carry a Roman legacy on us)

 language is an identity

 language is an identity (why is anglophone world braindead?)

 language is an identity language is an identity

 language is an identity (central intelligence)

language is an identity language is an identity

 language is an identity

 (emphasis) language is an identity language is an identity

 language is an identity language is an identity language is an identity


Uyghur (that "gh" is a CIA ghost, fool) Solution Is Language Reality Solution

Organize > Based > On > Language (turkic people from siberia to turkey)

Not > Islam > Which Is Mostly Arab and Requires Arabic Knowledge


The fight for a turkic-speaking region (basically north asia and azerbaijan) is not hard, in fact. Just has to be unbound from religion. Thus the Chinese are justified in inculcating a form of secular-mindedness (not rabid atheism). The Catholic Church gets away with denigrating women who choose to abort and use contraception, in fact calling communism a sin, creating fake culture wars. (a mother has a baby, it dies because she couldn't afford nor handle, did she commit a sin? her pocket-book didn't let her, the Pope couldn't come and help the baby; caring for a baby is HARD)

I try not to denigrate Islam, but women must be equal, no matter what, veil or no veil, they are afterall our mothers and sisters—allahu akbar, period!

(maybe the CIA should fight France on veil bans? maybe Muslims Jews Christians should create a new religion called the holy abusive-male-domination, phallu*-phantasy-fallacy? It's a joke afterall, a dark game, very offensive, all petroleum money and gold, taboo charity)

links commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Turkic_Languages_distribution_map.png, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turkic_languages

next stage of american red evolution — reducing states to four

  • alaska and hawaii > become independent (let go 2) (2 mill. people)
  • census regions (or new "states" or all-town gatherings)
    • west or wind-world (washington ~ oregon ~ CALIFORNIA ~ nevada ~ utah ~ colorado ~ new mexico ~ arizona ~ wyoming ~ idaho ~ montana) > become one (" 10) (76 ")
    • north or grass-world (or midwest) (dakotas ~ nebraska ~ kansas ~ missouri ~ iowa ~ minnesota ~ wisconsin ~ illinois ~ indiana ~ ohio ~ michigan) (" 11) (68 ")
    • (north)east or door-world (maine ~ new hampshire ~ vermont ~ massachusets ~ connecticut ~ rhode island ~ NEW YORK ~ pennsylvania ~ new jersey) (" 8) (56 ")
    • south or yall-world (TEXAS ~ oklahoma ~ arkansas ~ louisiana ~ mississippi ~ alabama ~ georgia ~ (north) carolinas ~ FLORIDA ~ tennessee ~ virginias ~ kentucky ~ maryland ~ delaware (~ capital)) (" 15) (126 ")
  • let go 46, come up with 4 (about 330)
    • many states have very small populations (in other words, if every state was california, we'd have like 8 states)
    • most americans are where I highlighted in bold black, top four capital letters
    • hawaii and alaska belong to indigenous people, period
    • I won't mention colonies just to spite them cough cough PuErTo RiCo (they should know what they want)
    • the representatives represent in congress towns rather then states, anyways


social change to-do list universal

  • prefix or suffix PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC to country name
  • ban upper house in parliament
  • ban private business (except small restaurants and food stands)
    • rename all business in generic way (soda industry become one, "people's soda company"); big chain restaurants, "people's kitchens", where meals will be free
    • group businesses under ten departments
      • clothing ~ food ~ health ~ home ~ housing ~ media ~ plastics ~ power ~ saving ~ transport
  • rename all currencies "credit" or "token"
  • legalize/regulate all drugs 
  • provide basic income/work (for the unemployed or formerly idle)
  • make retirement age fifty
  • set six-hour workday
  • create department of homicide or murder, department of theft and department of assault (instead of general police)
  • open borders for workers or work-seekers
  • make the United Nations advocate for these things and a world language (which I personally think should be Basque/Vasconic in a simplified form, rather than Indo-European and Sinitic, which come close now) 
forward onward!


siempre poder su hechizo

whoever / quien

controls / azucar su mano

sugar / maneja

controls / su alma cada tierra su cabeza

the world / maneja





BASQUE THE WORLD LANGUAGE (not esperanto, the usurper)

lauburu, muera espanya sangrienta, las ruinas del castillo de la noche, muera francia, la tristecita princesa

"Basque is the unique pre-Roman language that survives in the Iberian Peninsula. It has suffered a dire retreat and loss regarding its speakers and territory. This process was especially notable in the High Navarre. At the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, thanks to the efforts of various intellectuals and politicians (e.g. Arturo Kanpion and Sabino Arana), the language experienced a certain blooming, widely related to the Basque nationalism. After suffering from strong persecution during the Franco era (1936--1977), it has started to make a come back during the second half of the 20th century, especially regarding the standardization of the written language." (omniglot.com/writing/basque.htm) (maybe "spanish" and "french" are just "broken" basque)

kuitaika iaiua tuintatiunikuiipirpira, ita itiairapitia karu, ilkarriarta tinii tiutikupiaru
(alpri tpurn uarraitiin, ki nau ui nun nau ui tink, kiutu tua uunnua in pruattiul)

aturi itkuntiaara naiu tiaal atur ulatunk uantpra
lurkuita aurria kutiunku atial; pur allant arpul kiainma;
paltu kuritiaintulitulipau, lankit intiai uiatiut plu,
itkaruna itkara itkupiaru ut patput pat uinitpi (link eu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aitorren_hizkuntza_zaharra)

tiartaltauianakatuiutti pai inul in uulant uat
irrumari karritiunu, tirku, taprinkia tu rum, pantum,
purtulari lanaku mannu aii takiia platmimutuark
ita kaiakaiakunu tiutiu; nau iatminia kiakiakult;
laitaratara purtukuri ta raairn aukum au pair
naiari tutintutinkuka; tiu kinkakia laiau uiik;
ailaanakuka tiu aii iakutpin tam ina tiurt
tiurirritarra kaiaautiu kuita, tiu iapalataunat tlaan,
paina tiu, tirkutianari uri, ia, uau pantiul, iu auir
kaiakaiaku, kai pitupitu iatmiia ttilmur kiakult
"laana kua ik itia larkakpaa"--me; that poem (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basque_language#Esklabu_erremintaria)

  • mark whoever first wrote basque went to great lengths to make it as complicated as be, as some cross-dialect chimera, imitating latin "grammar" (so-called ergativity is much ado about nothing, since in french they say "me sui...")
  • practice for "south french, any spanish" (traduire cela!) put verb at end of sentence; don't negate the verb, rather any earlier; pronounce "v" "b" (sardinian, catalan, "spanish" already like this (wild?)); use "and" or "already" for all conjunctions, overall (except or); separate clusters, "place into palace"; pronouns after verb only emphasized, "verme a mi", or avoid, "mi ver(me) a mi mismo", with possessive; X de/ke/ki Y comes Y (su/sa) X; "positions" mostly limbs, so, over under with thru fore hind in out side mid, head foot hand soul seen back guts hide rib navel (this works too for all tungs); near to, far from, just short/less long/more way fore, etc.; in french all words can be feminine-like, (so always ma-C, sa-C, etc.) (they're already masculine always before a vowel, neutral in plural); in spanish adjectives can be always masculine (since this is just neuter like "nada bueno", or adverb "rapido"); intransitive verb, make reflexive, "me he sido bueno" or "me he bien sido" or "bien je me fais/donne/ai/sui", dative can be stressed with "mano", not "a"; e.g.,"la boca que habla dice mentira, ha'lar su boca mentira 'ice", "la bouche ki parle dit des mensonges, parler sa bouche mentir (elle) 'it"; "espero que lo hagas, tu alma (su) (kizas) (eso) hacer (poder) (su cosa) espero, yo" "jespere ke tu le fasses, ton ame (sa) (peuteter) (ce) fair (pouvoir) (sa chose) jespere, moi"; "hasta la victoria, ganar su ca(beza)-(ve)r", "juska victoire, gagner sa tete-(v)oir"
  • now -a ~ -u ~ -tia then -ti ~ -nu ~ -titia maybe -ka ~ -ka- ~ -al-
  • ni~-na-~nir(i)- ai~-mi i~-ia-~ir(i)-~tiu~-tiu-~tiur(i)- iu~ia-~ial(-) ur~ur(i)- ta~-i  ku~-ua-~kur(i)- ui~ui-~-ut aii~ai- tam~-am a(-r) ian au(n)(-a ~ -i) tit(ir) min ir ur tir an iantir
    • nu(-r)~tir~nu-n~nu-it~nu-l(a) u~uu~uir~uan~au? it na kuitu~in~uru al aiku mani tin(pai)~-i tium kuki piu pita (n)ua
    • pa uun pi tu ir(u) tri lau pur put pai ki tiit tiat(pi) tian tiur(ti) a pira(tti) nain am(a)~an tan iun unta (for thousand maybe should be un, ten thousand amun, million aniun); jeter vingt systeme!
  • ani kra luti lank tial uai lui~kuti(n)~(pu)tulu ti atu(n) uan kiku litul laur~mut(ti) kiur itu~miar niru arka(l) tin
  • inkumi~maita uuman tina(r) man kutiu(n)~kutiaku tiunpati aur~umi~tin iunk ama~ata mua~paa
  • air~piti-tian tamlin~uaillin arrai(n) piik kiur plaia kiaku(r) ta tiur laut tiui tna~ata titiar uarm tiuait(ti) tri~uu uia(n)~patiu uut maku(la) tti iali~arui~titu krat ali~ati tii utu~ur li irru~tiukiai ru lili platium pila(r) krat tiuka ru~uair
  • larru ain arai pliik tul plu itiu(r) pun kan(ti) pa arrauttia a tar urn putta(n) (ain)tal luma pir
  • ili ir puru a pilar (uun) ir pii ai tiur nut au mau ur(ti)~ain tu mii tunk atiaika(l) pinkanal uin pu anka~tianku la pilau(n) ni iku an iu pir tiail pali itta~kia kut lipu na pika(r) pa pula(r) prat piut(ti) ar kuil lia
  • tan trink ian i kut-ku pai kiurka tiu kit-ku tpi~tpiu uika piu~tpiu put-ku plu anna-ku pri parri-ku la (ku-)ti tii itiu(n) ir aku(n) nu pitia tink tiainu tmal piltu(r) piprai(an) lu-ku tli piti li il tai purru(ka) pai itia un~tla iu ki (plut) mut~mun- karp pittia tpli~intupra tiaita tti~nai urra ru~mark attiu(r) ti iri-ku tiuim iatku plai pi(l) ua tur(r) kum ittia(n) la (tialp) tiri tii tiutu ttan pira tpin iruri~iauti pal man ki uku ul itu kiutaun iurti ru~tiu kuti~karpi~ kiau uuik kiuka~liur uai~klin karri pul~tra~prink putia kiuan pauta~iurtu tru lu pain iuti tiu~ni tinpa~kuna rakan tian~irra(n) tia aitu tiink iuku (kla)pla iri(ka) ua~tiuim tiuri run~ttrim itiut prit anpa~put tiual irri parn
  • IUKU tiun larku mun itia(r) ttar ur uata iur ran~kiaur pai ttrim atir~tinkur (uata)la tiatiu tii kat(ti) tial ar ttun aria tian (irr)aut akiit~tut lur (mi)iar ui klau lainu mit urti uruin~uir aiti uin iur tnu itiut(ti) ait ka tmu tiu pair(plat) pii aiua mini il 
  • kur ra ulli krin uri ialu tiur uai pil(ti) pla kau~iun nai~ta urta iir piru uurm ut(ti) kul (pi)tata pul pir~kiar nu~ul un~kiar ku~iul uta(l) ran tiku(n) paul tiuti(n) ttra~rai pirpi(l) rinkkia tiurrut(ti)~kamut kiarp~tul liun tmu puitu~iti ua liur trai urpi(l)~urru(n) nir~par ikuin~ika(r) rai~la
  • -(a)ri in~a (uun) -(a)ri-ku ui (uun) (i)ta...(i)ta ui~nau~uan (paltu) -pa(-) pi -pat-~-pai- tiint iti(n) (pul)nam


go back to the common language! it's not hard! we don't need a tower!

1 And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech.
— Genesis 11:1

"verb-noun homophony" (because (unmixed/saxon) english would "require morphology verbalizing")

  • WORK ~ WORD, the kings (in romance, for comparison, opera ~ vox, operate ~ advocate)
    • vote maybe is related to voice, but hardly, like swear and answer and say and soothe and so and send and sun, since words are generally so alike, the question being DIFFERENCE; to study phonology is to think better, but not the dogmatism that linguistics is generally unwittingly, as they can't throw out what's prescriptive, commercial, local, etc., and look at a bigger picture of population movements and thus language movements; christians need to understand the AFRO-ASIATIC connection, the language connection between africa and asia, period; as soviet linguists did with the "nostratic" theory, and other linguists with "typology"; capitalism divides the world through so-called markets and selfishness and the christian-fascist element, mainly the CATHOLIC church that still considers women nasty sins, and brainwashes them with nonsense; do you not see how absurd the tower of babel story is? do you not see? we all just speak the same language with minor differences; we're already equal; thru true postmodern philosophy we realize that we already established communism by communicating, violently or not
  • general verbalizing > make/shape/say/give/have ~ -en ~ -y ~ up, etc. ~ "-ing" ~ "-s/-ed" 
  • similar
    • write-writ > sell-sale > tell-tale-talk > graze-grass > glaze-glass > bathe-bath > speak-speech > soothe-sooth > break-breach > trust-betroth-truth > believe-belief > give-gift > drive-drift > "thrive-thrift" > weigh-weight-way-walk > sit-seat > breathe-breath > shoot-shot > house-house > stink-stench > fly-flee-flight > sift-sieve > snack-snatch > make-match > take-thatch-thief > leak-lake > let-lay-law > grow-growth > sift-sieve > feel-felt > fell-fall > (for)get-guess
  • read ~ answer ~ ask ~ mouth ~ lip ~ show ~ mark ~ (be)token ~ brag ~ babble ~ film ~ stutter ~ lisp ~ stammer ~ gossip ~ meter ~ hint ~ brand ~ (be)friend ~ spell ~ time ~ streak ~ whisper ~ harp ~ smile ~ clap
    • bark ~ howl ~ bleat ~ hiss ~ buzz ~ neigh ~ moo ~ meow ~ grunt
    • yell ~ yowl ~ roar ~ shout ~ whine ~ whimper ~ (be)moan ~ groan
  • bite ~ puke ~ cook ~ steam ~ bubble ~ burn ~ (black)smith ~ brew ~ "singe"
  • hold ~ stop ~ stand ~ plant ~ end ~ fall ~ shrink ~ handle ~ settle ~ bridle ~ saddle ~ yoke ~ hire/fire ~ draw ~ ban ~ book ~ fit ~ tape ~ string ~ tie ~ lock ~ pen ~ thread ~ shutter
  • start ~ rise ~ "lift" ~ stir ~ gamble ~ play ~ whirl ~ spin ~ span ~ (be)tide ~ welter ~ swerve ~ "surf" ~ "turn" ~ churn ~ thresh ~ flail
  • want ~ wish ~ miss ~ lack ~ need ~ wont ~ lead ~ back ~ help ~ love ~ bond
  • yield ~ throw ~ rot ~ crack ~ smell ~ lump ~ cluster ~ heap ~ wear-and-tear ~ hoard ~ bang ~ (out)burst
  • walk ~ run ~ leave ~ ride ~ stride ~ "strive" ~ side ~ climb ~ shift ~ spread ~ wander ~ sail ~ boat ~ tail ~ slide ~ hop ~ "jump" ~ leap ~ hap ~ hurry ~ swim ~ bounce
  • bend ~ blend ~ twist ~ weave ~ mash ~ mesh ~ mix ~ wrinkle ~ furrow ~ burrow ~ better ~ tangle
  • pin ~ ring ~ "hinge"
  • blossom ~ swell ~ spring ~ water ~ rain ~ thaw ~ weather ~ sprinkle ~ spray ~ thunder-bolt ~ shower ~ storm ~ bud ~ sprout ~ drop ~ stream
    • summer ~ dawn ~ heat ~ smoke ~ shade ~ fan ~ swelter ~ hope ~ thank(s)
    • winter ~  dusk ~ freeze ~ chill ~ (fore)shadow ~ blaze ~ shiver ~ shudder ~ fear
  • shield ~ shelter ~ hide ~ (bride)groom ~ wh*** ~ pi** ~ sh** ~ fart
  • knife ~ stick ~ wound ~ strike/struggle ~ murder ~ wrong ~ cripple ~ kick ~ hit ~ doom ~ ax ~ "kill" ~ hammer ~ blow ~ best ~ slap ~ fight/beat/bat/battle ~ cudgel ~ spear ~ strike ~ "sin" ~ harm ~ crash ~ pound
  • mother ~ father ~ (for)bear ~ birth
  • dip ~ bug*** ~ f*** ~ breed ~ bug ~ dog ~ bitch ~ fish ~ hunt/hound 
  • care ~ rest ~ sleep ~ slumber
  • eye ~ look ~ wonder ~ find ~ (af)fright ~ grin ~ plunder ~ flash ~ shine/shimmer ~ gleam/glimmer ~ dye ~ dream
  • man (or woman, as an innovation, "woman the station") ~ staff
  • grasp ~ reach ~ hand ~ harvest ~ deal ~ cut ~ split ~ box ~ splinter ~ pick ~ dig ~ gasp ~ gape ~ grip ~ clasp ~ clip 


вернуться на землю! come back to the land!

anautu, umil, natu, kiu tiu tui, putriakit tiui tu, puturia—
tupukinki piri tiRUT tiui, ta truuuiik ta nikiu pritta—
pitmi na tui, liupim pu mui, timli mala, ka uttru—
pitmi na tui, liupim pu mui, lita tiu an krilu—
tu iki tiui, liupim pu mui, uta tam nipruttu—
tu nati tiui, liupim pu mui, atupulitpiau!
tkukurat tpatiakitu tui a,
ni amu a puki, niamu a!
nu t naiia, muiipi, niria,
puiia na tit piri mu