midnait, də ku:lər fi:l an, i:bən if 
     les nau uiθ a:l də uelkən sik,
it z əlaib uiθ də haiue:z endlis an
     otərli deθfəl, an i:bəl din
uen də ui:lz de z spi:tən op toərdz də
     gre:tər hit, an hi:t dat də taird
uelkən kən a:l no əbaut. o soc an 
     la:ŋ sadnis əl kom tu os an it!
ai z raitən in dis nu:nis an for də
     freʃnis an, mi gri:n, ai hapi se.
uot tru:li z eni betər dan gri:n? bot an
     nau it z bin a:l kild in ebriuer
a:lmo:st, uen in tru:θ, uen it z den sadli 
     tu moc ar mait, ui do:n cu:z tə
si, o:nli tə bi hapi blaind in fe:kli
     gre:t uelθ—dis it z mor a:l bro:k,
bot, bai də ga:d, ui stil uondər at
     də grasiz, də uaildz baunsən op priti!

note the even lines they's the haikus. each twosome it's the tanka.

Epistle on My Learnings for Making Us True Haikus

Hello, dear Haiku Society of America,

What's truly asking us the haiku? I'd say, to know us what the Romans & Greeks by heart, but also some Hindus & Arabs, & maybe who-know-who others—to weigh us the word-bit. From thence, we can call us some heavy or twotimed, another short, or onetimed; '-time-' since the Romans & Greeks said so, 'tempus' & 'hronos'; on the other hand, i don't know at all from whence the new 'mora' word came, since that wasn't meant like that (see, Charlton T. Lewis, Charles Short, A Latin Dictionary, mŏra & tempus, only 'tempus' got to do with reckoning & song.) Now, they say Japan folk call 'em them 'on', but i feel me great shame to make us the 'haiku' about Japan, & not some wonderful handsomeness alone, now; how any land can make itself a song kind? Song is free; it hasn't got it no owner.

Now, the English speaker can hardly get 'em the meaning, …


— u u / — u u / — (//) u(//)u — (//) u u — / u u — / — DƏ TUENTIFORTAIMD LAIN FOR ƏRΘ

Mai so:l it z e:kən for maiti sa:ŋ from so:l depθ,
an so hi:r it z me:kən dis sa:ŋ for modər ƏRΘ nau,
dat z so sik nau stil uen ui ki:p in də otər filθ.
o modər, o main, o lisən an tu mi, darlən ga:d!
ai iz for iu o:nli an a:lso ior helθinis i:bən
a:səm me:bi, if ui opraitər hapi uərk nau.
dis nau iz mai anθəm, an a:lso iorz tu, dir ga:d,
o ƏRΘ, uer plants a:l z komən aut, i:bən, hapi ta:l tri:.
let dis mai rekənən* glad tu iu, nau ebriba:ti,
uen mərθ haz tuaind uiθ də, an a:səm, gri:nnis əlaib stil,
so laik dis ui kən betər os θiŋz, dis uərld stra:itən 
toərd gudnis graundid an a:n maind an ker for tru:θ!

*'reckoning', as in the songfeet, the reckoned time, or, backbuilt romangreek, rhythm.


Bles dis ar a:lhapi hart, o dir MAILDME:KƏN, gre:t ga:d,
an blesən os tu dis sa:ŋ for iu; gre:tnis an a:l gud
iu iz otərli, ui kən se uiθ praid from ar insaid,
ar ba:təmmo:st hart, uer iz…

Epistle on the True & Proudly Folksiest English Speech-Law

Hello, dear Chomsky, Merriam-Webster, & Chicago Manual of Style,

Whereas it'll maybe seem like our tongue has been one thing for a long time, us, however, in thinking like that, we forget us the truth behind English—a wrote crossbreed with French & Latin. It is from that Latin that many "grammars" got 'em their laws many many year-hundreds ago, but to this day, the unknowing is such & the wish not to seem needy or folksy, that folks'll fathom 'em somehow the wrote word as being a true tongue—well, they's been so wrong, that it's laughsome, laughworthy, utterly laughing. In truth, the folksy & clean unfrenched & unlatined & unfakely shoved English has got itself all that's needed. We should truly be mindful that Romans & Greek always spoke to seem unmarked, never to seem marked nor too learned, beyond the groundish song & beats (needless to say, till Goths & Celts crossbred 'em their speech with their own law…

Epistle on Weather Clothes or How Clothes Should Be for Weather Not for Wealth-Tokening Nor for 'Work'

Hello, dear Climate Reality Project, TreeHugger, EPA, & UNFCCC,

In a heatbelt ('tropical'), sea-height land, hardly any clothes at all is alone right & good; outside the heatbelt, summer call for hardly any, winter for thickest layers; lastly, in the heatbelt highlands, the yearlong spring or winter call for some thick layers, needless to say, yearlong. If us however, in our long & europe-hearted silliness, we keep wearing us clothes not right for what we got us weather-wise, then what ground behaving we's ever gonna shift towards greenness, needless to say, when this itself this is or should be, the most ground-thing?

We can see us in the way two things—one, wealth/standing-tokening, 'status symbols', as this is what clothes wanna do us, and how us we turn us them into 'fetish', into worshiped things, so sillily, to make like we's something bigger or wealthier; the other, 'work', or what like to call us 'work', it being some…

Epistle Cursing the White "Hispanic"

Hello, dear White Hispanic,

You ain't a minority. Bye.

Fuck you,

note i's black & white, not white, thank god, so i think with wrath at this dumb word "hispanic", like native american hispanics also, or asian hispanics, or arab hispanics, etc. II another key word here is 'latino', 'latina', 'latinx', all that meaningless shit. further readingWhite Hispanic and Latino Americans - Wikipedia

Migrant Caravan — NBC/AP News as Mini-Epic

pastiching me—
Migrant caravan embarks on 'route of death' through Mexico Thousands of wary Central American migrants resumed their push through Mexico, a day after arguments saw some travelers splinter from the main caravan.songfoot x x / x x / x x / x x / x — / — (this was hurried, so there's some slackening here there) note i do back the newcomers, as long as they ain't bringin here their youngest children, that shouldn't be goin' thru that.
here is the whole thing read/sung thru,

Thousands of wary Central 'Mer'can migrants
resumed their push toward the States United on Sunday, a day after arguments th' path over  ahead saw some trav'lers splinter away from  the main caravan, which ent'rin a treach'rous       part of its journey thru Mexico.

The majority, the roughly four thousand  migrants, is now headed along what some called  the "route of death" toward Cordoba town in  the Veracruz state, which is hundred twenty  four miles up the ro…