Epistle on the Need for English "Chemistry"

Hello, dear American Chemical Society,

We must make up new words for "chemistry", mostly going with mandarin. Why? Well, chemistry is the greatest truth needful too as much in biology as in geology, or rather, in life-lore, & earth-lore, or rather, most of our knowledge. In truth, as you all may know well already, if America's folk'd know better all of it or most, it woulda got sooner enough of a grasp of weather shift, or, "climate change". Now, I will take it on me to make this up, & you being not dumb english speech-law-givers, but folk wishing for swift meaning, should be glad with this, not at all bewildered, but if you is, i would understand. Soon enough, if you'll read thru, & see how mandarin and others has done better in making up their own words, you'll get how needful & maybe by me to be well done all this.

Let's start with the beginning*, "chemistry",
> shift-learning (Thrown in -ness(-es) whenever needed…


ui most luk at dem so a:fəl saits ob θaən sadli mor
in d o:ld land ob gud saibiriə uer də ga:dz spend hapi mondz
in səmər tə ʃon uot z soltri—bot it z lu:zən ebri de
its uait sno an stedi uintərz for ə ʃiftid bai də man
uedər nau an stil də saro z ʃoən in fro:z le:tli tir,
bot if ui kən luk an ərnist faind os inər gud inof,
ui l təgedər frendli si:k os gri:nər su:n an ərli di:d
or i:bən le:tli bot ue:ti in a:l də uərld uon an a:l.
o gre:t uərldfo:k, du go lisnən tu də uaizər tru:θ an a:l
ʃal bi su:nər si:n mor dan də fərst buk karbd in maiti sto:n!

meterx x / x x / x x / - x // x x / x x / x x / - note this news is bout canada, but siberia must be the same threat or warning from the sulfur water.
Melting Arctic Permafrost Releases Acid that Dissolves Rocks Planet Earth As temperatures rise in the Arctic, permafrost - permanently frozen ground - is defrosting at an alarming rate. But the permafrost isn't the only thing in the Arctic that's melting. Exposed rock that was once covered in ic…

Epistle on the Truer Slav

Hello, dear Moscow State University,

The slavs must write anew. Why? Well, i's found me a great, great wrong thing in the writing, that go back to byzantine times. The Slavs could be one utterly but they must see how their writing is dumb cross-speech-wise, which even back then they coulda seen, if it wouldn't have been for the overall wish to be like spoke greek or rather seen unlike it, when in truth spoke greek itself was the greatest mistaking and muddling of speech-knowledge, not even as much as latin & its child-tongues. Well, what is the wrong thing? That there was no /∅iV/ in old slavic, & not even now, as the slav tongues is so so steadfast unlike the others near it, & thus, there never was any need for a /ʒ/ speech mark, but rather it coulda been shown with a /i/. Thus, what is said to be russian /ia/ is in truth /a/, yet what is said to be /noʒ/ is, but could be shown rather more cross-speech-wise wisely as "noi". Some /u/'s themselves need…

Carta sobre el más verdadero español

Hola, querida Real Academia Española,

A pesar de yo saber que ustedes son muy pesaditos y finos para estar cambiando lo llamado patrimonio cultural, de cualquier manera, conociendo las verdades del español mundial, y queriendo enseñar la ciencia del habla o linguística o fonética para la ancha y duradera letradura o alfabetismo del gran pueblo iberorromano, quiero aquí establacer la mejor y más verdadera escritura de nuestra lengua la española o castellana. Hemos de empezar entonces con el hecho de nuestra no vista o olvidada sencillez o sea que tenemos no más que /p/ /t/ /k/ que por alofonía se vuelven /b/ /d/ y /g/—sino lo que escribimos << nd, ng, mb >> siendo afectadas tradiciones o costrumbres de letrados muy cultistas, ya que las tres pueden escribirse << n, np ~ m, nk ~ n >>. Igualmente con << rg, lb, etc. >> que más bien son duras pero suavizadas por querer muchos más seguir la escritura recibida que una ecuménica, como que fuera, arquifonol…


lez sta:p də uedərʃift uon a:l
na:t fok os ar taim uiθ də ua:l!
ui a:l kən bi də ni:did mait
in dis gud de:li gri:nist fait,
bot ebriuon ni:də ue:k su:n,
so dat de si o:nli bilt ru:m
a:l don əgen for suift bosiz əl du,
     i:bən mor if ui ontar darknis gru.

bot if fo:ks kanna:t i:bən ʃed
klo:dz na:t bila:ŋiŋ hir, les ued
demsel tə sili to:kənz nau
nor li:b əlo:n də harmlis kau,
uot ebər den ui z ebər gon 
du uel at o:l or get os i:bən uon?
uot ui most du iz θro əue 
     ebri uelθmark an ʃo a:l də gud ue.


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