Follow-Up — Anthems in Cockney

Hello, dear The Guardian,

Not the 'Save the Queen', but something else i found me here there,
Do we need a new National Anthem? Whether you're a republican, atheist or just someone with good taste, our national anthem is a dreadful dirge. The tune is more likely to send you to sleep than stir any feelings of pride, while the words barely mention the nation at all. first, for the four lands (Wales, England, Scotland, N. Ireland), "I Vow to Thee",
oi beu tə di, mi kantri, o:l ə:fli fiŋz əbab!Oi beu tə di, mi kantri, o:l ə:fli fiŋz əbab,
əntoir en o:l en pə:fekt, də sə:bəs ob mi lab;
də lab det eks nau kuescən, də lab det stend də test,
det lai əpon di o:lta də diərəst en də best;
də lab det neba fo:lta, də lab det pai də prois,
də lab det maik endo:ntəd də foinəl sekrəfois.

en de z ənaba kantri, oi z ə:d ob loŋ əgau,
maust dia tə dem det lab ə, maust grait tə dem det nau;
ui mai not keunt ər a:mi:z, ui mai not si ə kiŋ;
ə fo:trəs iz ə faiffəl a:t, ə proid iz safəriŋ;
en saul b…


hau it kud bi mai beli ful so su:n it ga:t? bərgər kiŋ
had indi:d so moc sui:tnis for me:kən os ful an kli:nli
in dat it kom from ni:dər kau nor cikən na:t at a:l nau,
dat iz, di* apəl pai dat so sui:t an big it uoz in tru:θ, an
den də haʃ braunz litəl bot so maiti tə me:k os uel fed,
an at last der uoz frenc to:st stiks. uot uondər dem hiər** ies!
it iz in dis ə maiti ta:t θiŋ, dat iz, dat ui smartər
ʃud i:t os nau ebriuer, so mor fo:ks si hau nau su:nist
eniba:ti*** get startid at də bi:gən ue:z, də tru fu:d,
də harmlisist, də gri:nist, tu, az ənebride θiŋ nau.

sa:ŋfut x x / x — / x x / x — // x x / x x / x — / — 
*one with 'apəl'
**same as 'hir', but as two word-bits
***-i long
header 'burger king vegan or plant eating there'
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MIDNAIT HAIKU:Z OR TANKƏZmidnait, də ku:lər fi:l an, i:bən if 
     les nau uiθ a:l də uelkən sik,
it z əlaib uiθ də haiue:z endlis an
     otərli deθfəl, an i:bəl din
uen də ui:lz de z spi:tən op toərdz də
     gre:tər hit, an hi:t dat də taird
uelkən kən a:l no əbaut. o soc an 
     la:ŋ sadnis əl kom tu os an it!
ai z raitən in dis nu:nis an for də
     freʃnis an, mi gri:n, ai hapi se.
uot tru:li z eni betər dan gri:n? bot an
     nau it z bin a:l kild in ebriuer
a:lmo:st, uen in tru:θ, uen it z den sadli 
     tu moc ar mait, ui do:n cu:z tə
si, o:nli tə bi hapi blaind in fe:kli
     gre:t uelθ—dis it z mor a:l bro:k,
bot, bai də ga:d, ui stil uondər at
     də grasiz, də uaildz baunsən op priti!

note the even lines they's the haikus. each twosome it's the tanka.
iz də fərst mark for a:l ro:mən an Be du kom an nekst for os tu, də maindz. Ce iz gud an ar θərd an də priti tu. De iz an les bot i:bən sternər an Ekom an me:k os it ə bit sa:ftiər. Ə iz ə bit dom an i:bən dol bot it…

Epistle on Me Being Tired With Brexit News & Them Maybe Not Wedgy Enough

Hello, dear The Guardian,

It's so many other things that Welshland (i's giving Britain that name, to make us mind 'bout Arthur, the Celts, & the Welsh & Cornish tongue (English started in the mainland, needless to say, but all Celtic was killed by Latin there))—that it should worry about, like, ending itself its awful kingship, & keepin' itself its many speech-kinds alive, from the West Country English, to the Scots, & the many tongues, from Welsh to Gaelic, & lastly, ending itself any headship sparing, or 'austerity' (maybe see Brexit: austerity tipped balance towards Leave, new study suggests). In truth, we can say so for many other Europe lands, but if in one no kingship, then it end itself any too big headship its, not sparing, but streamlining, i guess.
No more queen nor king No more 'standard' english No more spending cuts To end, i think that the Brexit thing is utterly meaningless, when i's been hearin 'bout it, but no…

Follow-Up — List with This Year's Main Film Manwhores & Whores

Hello, dear DisneyCBSComcastWarnerSony, & Viacom , Liemongers & Greed Hearts,

This is a list for this year, with all the hot folks, the main filmplayers, also called stars,

note Robert Downey Jr. (old) ain't handsome, nor Tom Cruise (weirdnosed), nor Jack Black (fat). IILupito Nyongo is most handsome, in truth, but not for the folk, that only like 'em by now euro shapes. Denzel Washington is too old, needless to say. III Bohemian Rhapsody mashing itself pixieboyhood with true life is sickening, i guess, & everybody in it your an everyday unpretty welshlander, 'stereotypical ugly british man'—FILTH (my own thoughts from looking at the 'trailer'.)

spring List of 2018 box office number-one films in the United States - Wikipedia
Dwayne Johnson,Karen Gillan, Jumanji: Welcome to the JungleNaomie Harris, RampageDylan O'Brien, Kaya Scodelario, Maze Runner: The Death CureJames Dornan, Dakota Johnson, Fifty Shades FreedChadwick Boseman, Letitia Wrigh…

Colombia Opening Venezuelan Migrants Camp — Fox/AP News as Mini-Epic

Colombia opens camp for Venezuela migrants as exodus swells Colombian authorities moved homeless Venezuelan migrants to a soccer field filled with yellow tents and cots Tuesday, as the number of migrants fleeing their nation's economic and humanitarian calamity continues to read/sung thru (it's at night, so my throat went cool & soft, not truly epic, i guess)

Colombian authorities moved the homeless
Venezuelan migrants to a soccer field
Filled with yellow tents & cots Tuesday,
As the numbered migrants fleein their
Nation's calamaties has risen now.
The first migrant camp for the Venezuelans
In Colombia's capital sparked a protest
From residents, that said they feared their
New neighbors'd bring crime, disease—the
Latest hinted escalatin' tensions thru
Out the region over the Venezuela
Crisis. "They want to ruin our commun'ties!"
A man cried out from his balcony that there
Overlooked the tent field, & he switched to
English, ha…

Epistle on Why Online Whorefilms Make Us Film & Show Hotness Needless & Meaningless & Unhelpful & Oldenish

Hello, dear Disney, CBS, Comcast, WarnerSony, & Viacom, Fakeness Lords & Wealth Whores,

Why yall put hot folks in films? In truth, it mean little, when most folk now can go on the Webs and pull 'em up as much whoredom as they want. Maybe, maybe, how you's thinkin''s that many folks don't go on them web spots to do so, or that if they did, they'd be too ashamed. However, how you could care? You could even go on the whorefilm making business—why not? From where, truly, it come this againstlustness among yall filmmakers & showrunners? I wanna know. Most folks ain't godly now to bother—nobody ever was, it was all token godliness, for a long time, from christendom's start. Indeed, many Romans they took 'em years to go into christ belief, & nevermind how many folks's kept witchcraft & things like that going, nor how most folks don't care beyond the Muslims. The Muslims? But they wed four women by law, when they can. Hellooooo…